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Google Marketing Live 2022

Chad Crowe

This week, we heard many major things about Google Marketing Live, arguably one of the year’s most influential digital media conferences. I wanted to share a few exciting things that jumped out at us and hope it inspires and educates: The most commonly used phrase during GML had to have been “The Future of Advertising…

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Lift361 and ShopFluency are now part of Acadia

Team Acadia

Acadia acquires sophisticated data, analytics and 1P data segmentation capability to benefit its Mid-Market clients seeking to grow and win in their markets. Today we are very proud to announce yet more exciting news for Acadia, an elite digital growth platform.  This time we are announcing the acquisition of Lift361, an Atlanta based analytics and…

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A New Beginning. Launch Day!

Jared Belsky

Today is a big day. Today, August 17th, 2021, we launch Acadia as an elite digital marketing platform that helps mid-market companies scale. Acadia has proudly brought together three incredible companies, founders, and teams via acquisition, including Techwood Digital, Nicely Built, and Imagine Media. It launches with 65 employees, servicing challenger-oriented growth clients such as…

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