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3 Business Questions You Can Answer with Amazon Marketing Cloud

Seth Hirsch

For years, we have heard from brand owners who want more detailed information about how their ads are performing on Amazon. On their DTC sites, they are used to generating highly specific insights on paths to purchase, conversion rates, and more. But on the Amazon side of their business, they receive only aggregated reports and…

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12 Tips to Boost Your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

Team Acadia

Consumer brands already know how crucial the weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is in determining financial results metrics for the entire fiscal year. One of the best things that brands can do as they prepare for one of the biggest online shopping events of the year is to nail down their performance targets, budgets, and strategy for this period.

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Why Every Mid-Market Marketer Needs to be Thinking About TikTok Now

Paula Ersly

I saw a statistic recently that consumers are watching more minutes of TikTok a week than they are Netflix. The following evening I proceeded to make myself into the perfect case study by scrolling on TikTok so long that the app itself triggered a warning asking me if I might like to stop scrolling and…

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