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Fit For Purpose: Next-gen DSP metrics that measure what matter

Thursday, Mar 23, 2023 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

Are conventional metrics giving you a limited view of your Amazon DSP performance?

If you want to get the most out of Amazon DSP, then you need to start exploring beyond standard metrics such as impressions and ROAS. While these metrics are easy to pull from dashboards and reports, and compare to similar metrics on other platforms, there are significant limits on what these metrics can actually teach you about how DSP is really performing.

Fit For Purpose reveals 23 new next-generation metrics for Amazon DSP. Based on our retail media team’s deep experience with Amazon DSP, we have identified metrics that are tailored for each stage of the purchase journey, brand objective, and market position. These include 10 never-before-seen metrics that we believe should be a staple of every brand’s DSP dashboard.

DSP can seem like a black box, but smarter metrics can help maximize your return on investment from Amazon DSP marketing efforts.

Join us for our free webinar where we’ll be revealing all 23 next-generation metrics that could revolutionize how you make decisions around Amazon DSP performance! Sign up now!

You'll Learn:

  • Why it’s hard to discern the real effect of DSP on Amazon sales

  • The problem with common DSP metrics like ROAS and impressions

  • The 23 next-gen DSP metrics, and when to use them

  • How to use the metrics to adjust your DSP strategy


Kiri Masters

Kiri Masters

Head of Retail Strategy


Damiano Ciarocchi

Retail Advertising Manager

Our past work

Our Retail Media Allocation framework was featured by MediaPost and the Path To Purchase Institute. Since being published in 2022, the framework has been downloaded by 2,100 mid to enterprise brands, providing a path to allocating retail media budget across a burgeoning array of channels and ad types.

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Take the self-assessment

You can also sign up for the Fit for Purpose Self-Assessment, which can tell you which metrics your brand should be focusing on, given your objectives, competitive position, and product attributes.

This 5-question self-assessment is deceptively simple. It is based on thousands of hours of research and implementation by the retail media team at Acadia. We have learned that out-of-the-box metrics like ROAS and impressions don’t tell the full story, and dived deep into more appropriate alternatives to use at each stage of the customer journey. Metrics that are truly fit for purpose.

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