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Amazon Marketing

Acadia’s unique mix of data, tools, and personnel supports brands in identifying customer acquisition opportunities within the complex world of Amazon Advertising. Our agency offers Amazon Advertising services that include Sponsored Products, Product Display, Display, and Video advertisements. In addition, we provide Amazon DSP/SEO and landing page consultation.


For direct-to-consumer brands, Amazon’s Marketplace has increasingly become an essential part of new customer acquisition. With over 386 billion dollars in 2020, Amazon has become the biggest retailer in the United States. Plus, with over 150 million subscribers on Amazon Prime, it is a captive audience that can’t be ignored. As a growth platform, Acadia engages with Amazon to help our customers grow through Amazon SEO, Amazon advertising, and Amazon growth strategies.

Amazon SEO

Amazon lists products much in the same way Google lists search engine results by utilizing an algorithm. The good news is that it doesn’t mean that you are powerless when it comes to helping position your brand on Amazon. By focusing on known factors, you can increase exposure for your brand. At Acadia, we focus on producing keyword-rich and brand endearing content to ensure exposure on connection. Additional characteristics we also consider in helping to position our clients in Amazon: product photography, graphics, pricing and promotion strategies, reviews, Q&A strategy, and more.

Amazon Paid

Along with organic listings, Amazon has many paid advertising opportunities allowing marketers to serve ads on and off Amazon. Some of these advertising opportunities include Sponsored Product Ads and Amazon’s display platform called Amazon DSP. Acadia deploys many strategies to create new customer acquisition and brand loyalty using Amazon’s advertising properties.

External Amazon Marketing

In addition to Organic and Amazon Paid advertising, it can be advantageous to drive Amazon growth outside of Amazon platforms. Acadia has used many other services such as Social Media and Paid Search to grow exposure for a brand on the Amazon platform intentionally. This process allows for a fully integrated marketing program designed to grow brands.

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