Krinos sales grow 59% with improved Amazon product content

European specialty foods brand Krinos sells on a wholesale basis to many retailers in the US on a wholesale basis, with some of its SKUs leading the category in Walmart’s brick & mortar stores. the US market as a key growth opportunity, and tapped Acadia to manage its entry to various US marketplaces, including

Optimizing the product detail pages (PDPs) became a key focus for Acadia and Krinos. The original content had been uploaded by 3rd party sellers, and was vastly under-optimized from a content quality, discoverability, and conversion standpoint.

Acadia knew that any future paid advertising to these SKUs would be undermined by the lackluster product pages, resulting in low conversion rates and low ROAS. The products’ visibility in organic search results - Amazon SEO - was also limited by titles and product descriptions that lacked relevant search terms.


  1. Acadia conducted in-depth keyword research to identify ideal keywords to include, based on search volume, competition, relevance, and prior advertising performance. This keyword research was foundational to developing text content that would improve the products’ organic search ranking (SEO)
  2. Acadia’s in-house creative team shot brand new photo and video assets. The creative team also developed performance creative assets to explain key product benefits, based on category research.
  3. Upload the new product content on 5 ASINs and tracked the key performance metrics.
  4. Leverage the new visual assets in Amazon advertising campaigns.



Growth in Impressions


Increase in sales

One product in particular saw impressive results: a 550% increase in impressions and a 78% increase in sales.

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Before/After on Amazon

“This brand was comfortable with a wholesale business model, and selling directly through marketplace channels was new territory. I am very proud comparing how the product listings looked previously and what we are seeing now. Together we have accomplished a lot in just over a year.”

Thales Ferreira, Retail Account Manager at Acadia

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