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For our Marketing Analytics and Intelligence Services, data is more than a buzzword— it’s at the center of every campaign decision. Our ability to architect clean, integrated, and enhanced data solutions, allow better bottom-line performance.

Measure More of What Matters


Marketing Analytics and Intelligence Services, when done right, has the potential to unlock true value for your brand. To get there, you not only need expertise in how to pull data—you also need a plan for how to use it.

We have decades of experience in retail and marketing, and we have the savvy to both pull sophisticated data points and employ them strategically.

Whereas many clients may have a data feed of store visits that updates weekly or monthly, we can build platforms that refresh on a daily basis. We do this because we know that increasing frequency has meaningful commercial outcomes.

We are also able to integrate critical data sets of personally identifiable information (PII) that many of our competitors cannot. We are 100% compliance approved, and we use PII data in a safe, secure way to enrich your understanding of who your shoppers are.

After we gather that data, we make it actionable. At Acadia, we make it easy. We are used to taking messy bundles of data and finding the important trends within it. We have a four-step process to turn your unprocessed data into clear, actionable insights. Working with us, you can better understand your customer segments, predict their behavior, and serve them content that will encourage them to convert.

Core capabilities Data Analytics consists of four distinct services.

1. Data Warehousing

We are always speaking to brands whose customer data is incredibly scattered. They keep data in their internal systems, SaaS platforms, social media accounts, and more. Some try to make sense of it all by manually merging Excel spreadsheets. Others don’t try at all.

It is overwhelming. At Acadia, we can integrate all of your data into a single, easily decipherable home. Our team of data architects and data engineers clean your data in state-of-the-art programs like Snowflake and slice it up in search of actionable insights. We take those varied inputs, and we make it simple to analyze.

We also integrate data sets of personally identifiable information, which most brands overlook but which create a vivid picture of your shoppers. We do this all in an incredibly secure data warehousing system. We are SOC2 Type 2 compliant, and our data practices are vetted by two credit agencies.

2. Customer Segmentation

At Acadia, we don’t believe in clustering customers into overly broad, unhelpful categories. We use a handful of strategies to identify highly specific subgroups of buyers for our clients.

We combine two types of customer segmentation—the demographic & psychographic (demographic traits, personality types, and more) and behavioral (buying or browsing histories)—to break up customers into dynamic categories.

Relying on tools like geocoding, Experian demographic data, customer deduplication, and more, we might split up your customers into categories like “Gold, health conscious couples” or “Platinum couples, no kids.” We can further narrow shoppers by geography, credit card usage, and so on.

For some clients, the insights can be truly surprising: We like to think of the bike brand that, through Acadia, realized their core audience was not hardcore enthusiasts but rather parents who biked casually on weekends.

We can target our marketing on a much deeper level than just if we think they are going to visit again

KMeans Clustering, DBSCAN, Hierarchical, Scree Plot
Algorithms: KMeans Clustering, DBSCAN, Hierarchical, Scree Plot

3. Predictive Modeling

Our models are built with an eye toward cost efficiency. Plenty of agencies can tell you which broad audience segment to target next, but at Acadia, we can group customers based on how likely they actually are to buy your product. We don’t just find potential audiences—we also map out where your dollars would be best spent.

For instance, we can help you identify which potential shoppers are most likely to convert. Our model might find that Customer A is 10% likely to convert, while Customer B is 50% likely. In this case, you can know to focus your spending on Customer B.

We can also use predictive analytics to inform other aspects of your business, such as merchandising and pricing. Our team can answer questions about how much of a product you should stock, how much you should sell it for, and who is most likely to buy it.

4. Audience, Measurement, and Dashboarding

When our team measures your audience, we always do it with a focus on action. Our measurement system is always on, and we pull in data from a wide range of sources—first-party data, Google Analytics, digital media, email, and more—in order to unlock insights you can use across all marketing platforms.

We identify KPIs that are more sophisticated than ROAS. Through Acadia, you can use your customer’s shopping history to steer them toward higher-margin products or an upsell. Gaining deeper insights into your audience doesn’t have to be a financial burden. We can deliver actionable information to clients with a variety of budgets.

The data we collect refreshes daily, which means you can put it to use right away—and with more precision. Say you’re a restaurant. If someone visited your store yesterday, maybe you know you should wait two weeks before spending money on bringing them back. With our daily data feed of store visits, you can re-target that customer on the optimal day, using sophisticated ad bid strategies.


Our measurement philosophy We believe that brands should be able to own their data, that measurement is more accessible than it has ever been, and in partnering with best-in-class suppliers.

  1. Data transformation has not passed you by. Mining your books for actionable customer insights might feel like a massive undertaking, but it is not. At Acadia, we offer enterprise-level-grade data analytics at price points that make them accessible to mid-market brands. We believe that customer insight exists on a spectrum of sophistication, and we can scale it as your needs evolve.

Measuring what matters means finding the right type of measurement for the moment

Measure digital well. Leverage platforms well, consolidate insights into a dashboard

Google Analytics, platform data from FB

Simple offline measurement using market level testing

Using first party POS data and digital investment information

Digital to offline (offline measurement in paid social, AOM, AMC)

Apply digital identity resolution and graph

Media mix modeling and optimization

Predictive modeling, contribution and media optimization



  1. Your data is yours, wherever you need it. We create data that you can easily export to a wide range of tools, from Google to Amazon DSP, ensuring that it is portable across all of your campaigns. We are always testing and innovating to find the best tools and solutions for our clients, and we rely on the best-of-breed components in a stack, rather than an all-in-one solution.
  2. Mining for insights. We don’t just analyze data for the sake of it. Our thesis is to generate actionable insights, even when that means identifying the needles in the haystack. We help you balance considerations like life-time value, margin, and cost efficiency all in one data point. Our insights are dynamic: we find data that doesn’t just tell you who to target, but also how to rework, say, your messaging strategy.
  3. Full scale experts in one house. Sophisticated analytics are never a one-person show. Data analysis requires a collaborative group of highly skilled experts. At Acadia, we set you up with a team of data architects and data engineers who will build an analytics strategy tailored to your specific needs.

"We are very protective of our customer and performance data, but Acadia has earned our trust. Acadia is a true strategic partner and has delivered important insights to help identify opportunity areas."

Kelly Hayse

Divisional Vice President – Customer Data Strategy at Helzberg Diamonds

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