Acadia boosts SAXX sales 40% by correctly organizing product catalog on Amazon
Cult underwear brand SAXX has a large assortment on Amazon. Like most companies in the apparel and footwear category, by the time you multiply sizes, colors, and styles, just one product can have hundreds of variations.

When not managed correctly, “Child” ASINs can become separated from other variations. This leads to a poor customer experience when a user wants to see all available sizes, colors and styles. It is also not ideal from a search ranking standpoint, as the less popular ASINs can be buoyed by the more popular ASINs. Furthermore, product reviews will be aggregated on a correctly variated page, which instill confidence in customers and may improve conversion rate.


Left: a PDP on Amazon with both color and size variation options.       Right: a product detail page (PDP) on Amazon with only a size variation option.

After working with Acadia to optimize their PDP content, SAXX wanted to ensure the visibility of these product pages. What good is a beautiful, carefully optimized product detail page if a customer cannot find the variation they’re looking for?

Large product catalog organization requires a deep knowledge of Amazon’s content contribution system

Acadia got to work organizing SAXX’s 118 top-selling ASINs under 2 Parent ASINs in their home market of Canada.

First, the 118 ASINs were re-organized by style, color, and size.

Uploading changes to the ASINs using flat files in Seller Central was the next step. But these changes often don’t hold, especially when a brand has other 3rd party resellers selling these products. Sometimes the contributions from other sellers override those from the brand, even when the brand holds Brand Registry.

So began a 2-month long process of Acadia’s logging cases with Seller Support, daily monitoring of the catalog, responding to and escalating cases until all 118 ASINs were organized correctly under the 2 parent ASINs. Acadia’s deep experience working with Amazon Seller and Vendor Central support and knowledge of its product catalog architecture meant that this 2-month process could easily have taken three of four times as long for a client managing this process sporadically.



Increase in traffic


Increase in sales

Comparing results from 2 weeks prior to the reorganization, to 2 weeks following the reorganization, it was clear to SAXX that the effort was worth it.

Across the 118 ASINS, both traffic and sales increased by 40% in this period.

Sessions (traffic) increased by 41%
Order Items increased by 40%

With these results from the Canada market in-hand, SAXX engaged Acadia’s services to optimize their product catalogs in the US and 5 EU markets on Amazon.

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