Analytics and Intelligence

Data is more than a buzzword— it’s at the center of every campaign decision. Our ability to architect clean, integrated, and enhanced data solutions, allow better bottom-line performance.

Data Visualization and Reporting

We’ve got your back on a daily basis: access your data 24/7 through our customized interactive dashboards, from high-level business insights to granular platform-level data.

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Data Science

We bring data-scientists and PHDs together to help you solve your business problems and better steward your investment.

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Data Engineering

Our Data engineers build and maintain the systems that allow data scientists to access and interpret data that help you grow ROI

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Conversion Optimization

We are full-service in this area inclusive of strategizing, monitoring, testing, and optimizing all in service of the singular goal of moving conversion yield.

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Acadia’s proprietary software, ShopFluency, unlocks valuable data to help brands understand their best customers and make informed marketing decisions to find more of them.

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