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Drive sales with our Advertising Management Services is an exciting growth channel for many brands.

Target has been ramping up its self-serve paid advertising capabilities and building a compelling retail media channel.

Acadia manages retail media campaigns for brands on

- Reach millions of potential customers
- Drive sales with our retail media management
- Let us help you reach your target market


Reach new customers affordably on

What is unique about Target’s retail media offering?

  1. Less Competition. Target is still an emerging marketplace. Self-serve advertising features still lag the standard set by Amazon and Walmart. But this means that early movers can benefit from less overall competition, even if the available “levers” are fewer right now.
  2. Our experience is that the average CPC on Target is lower compared to other marketplaces, while CTR is a couple of times higher. This makes Target a great platform to capitalize on the tools available for early adopters.
  3. Unlike Amazon and Walmart who have much lower barriers to entry, Target’s marketplace is invite-only. As such it is less competitive and the assortment is more curated.
  4. Customer loyalty. Target has higher-than-average customer loyalty numbers (8 out of 10 US customers shop at Target). This means Target is a great platform for repeat purchases and retargeting past visitors and customers.
  5. No Minimum Ad Spend. Target currently does not impose a minimum ad spend amount for self-serve advertising. This makes the new platform a really good testing ground for brands looking to try out different strategies. The only hard requirement is that your advertised products must already be selling on the platform.

Just like with our other retail media management services, Acadia leverages our long-standing partnership with PacVue, the leading ad-tech platform, which integrates with CitrusAd to access media inventory at a lower cost than competing exchanges.

Note that we can only support brands who have already been invited to sell or advertise on Acadia cannot assist with getting an invite to sell on

What Happens Next?

Acadia offers a carefully assembled team of Target experts with experience you can trust.

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Our Target advertising approach

To leverage all paid placements on Target, we will set up campaigns that will appear in all three available pages.

Search Page

These ads will appear on the main Search Page and can help with improving the product and brand exposure. Since the ads look very similar to organic results, there are high chances to get your shopper’s attention. Sponsorship activity on Target is still low so you can gain more shoppers at a lower spend.

Category Page

When someone is browsing the category pages, we can set up campaigns that will appear in the search for some of the main categories for your brand. We will target shoppers with high intention for purchase.

Product Page

With these campaigns, we will aim to target people who have landed on pages of your competitors or are browsing similar products. The idea here is to get their attention and have them click on the ad so they land on your product page and allow you to have more control over the narrative.

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