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We are a trusted growth platform that delivers results via technology, digital expertise, and co-investment to help brands and companies try and out-flank their competition

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Finally, direct-to-consumer e-commerce companies can beat their competition — now at a lower cost per acquisition. At Acadia, our proprietary technology, ShopFluency, allows our team to be laser-focused on who your best customers are and how to target them.

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The modern growth marketer wants to bring all potential digital growth services together with no silos or competing P&Ls. They want to know the first and last dollar go to the channel that drives the best return. Be it Amazon, Instacart, Google, FB, Instagram, Shopify, WordPress, GA, or Organic Social and Organic SEO — we are here to help you GROW.

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Acadia is a full-service growth marketing platform with locations in Atlanta, Grand Rapids, and New York City. See our range of services below.

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Be an elite digital growth platform, for the mid-market disruptor, in order to create opportunity, meaning, & connection for the communities we serve

Our Core Values


We dedicate ourselves to helping our clients and co-workers reach their fullest potential. We demonstrate courage and urgency to find solutions and take ownership.


We show genuine interest. We are the first to ask why, the first to research, and the first to understand. We ask questions until we find the path to conquer obstacles and build solutions.


We are honest and transparent in all our actions. We strive to foster positive and mutually beneficial relationships — where respect and humanity thrive.


We will make lives better for those people, clients, and other deserving causes that we care deeply about.