Kroger Precision Marketing Management

We’re an experienced retail media management agency with over 8 years of marketplace experience across multiple retail media platforms including Amazon, Walmart, and Instacart.

Kroger’s Precision Marketing platform is distinct from other media networks. With a variety of organic and paid capabilities, it’s a unique opportunity for brands to position themselves in a space where customers buy often. That’s why it's critical to engage the services of a PPC team who’s fluent in both the unique features and limitations of the platform.

How much media spend to allocate to

At Acadia, we are a leading voice on retail media allocation. As retail media networks proliferate, brands want to ensure they are spending every dollar wisely across their retail partners. Acadia’s framework for Retail Media Allocation has been covered by Ad Age and the Path To Purchase Institute. Download Acadia’s Retail Media Allocation framework here.


What Happens Next?

It all starts with a discovery call to determine fit and then we create a strategic plan. If you like our ideas, we get to work executing them and meet with you quarterly to ensure the strategy is aligned with your changing business and the changing landscape.

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Get on every shopping list through Kroger:

The power of working with an experienced retail media agency

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Why should you work with an experienced retail media agency?

If your sales growth is heavily reliant on ecommerce – partnering with an advertising agency that is native to retail media can be the key to unlocking new success and scaling your business to the next level.

If your aim is to improve brand awareness on Kroger, an award-winning retail media agency can help you establish a strong brand identity and increase customer loyalty.

If you’re having difficulty increasing the visibility of your product listings on Kroger, an advertising agency can help you stand out from competitors and attract new customers.

Our Kroger Marketing Services


Full management of Kroger’s Precision Marketing retail media offerings, including static and targeted ad placements on high-traffic pages. These product listing ads (PLA) include Boosted Search (Search & Browse), Basket Builder (“Start My Cart”), and My Sale Items (Coupon offers). We can even geo-target certain stores.


Organic marketing and promotion capabilities including building a dedicated brand page on and TDCs (targeted digital coupons).


Access to Kroger DSP advertising capabilities as well as Sponsored Ads (PLAs) and Targeted Onsite Ads (TOAs)


Ad campaigns are managed through Pacvue, the leading enterprise ad-tech platform.This allows for more controlled campaign design and detailed reporting than the native KPM advertising console, including: Scheduled reports, bulk campaign changes, Dayparting capabilities, budget management, change history log, and share of voice data.


A reporting cadence that works for you. Bi-Weekly advertising reporting and week-over-week trend analysis. Quarterly Business reviews to assess past performance and future opportunities.


Communications and touchpoints. Retail media moves quickly. Your dedicated Acadia retail media manager and specialist are available for day-to-day questions in a private Slack channel.


A data-driven approach to Kroger Precision Marketing management. We use advanced tactics such as a single-SKU campaign structure to segment your product assortment and allocate media spend to where it is generating the best return.

What Makes Acadia Stand Apart from the Others

  • 90 retail media & marketplaces specialists & managers
  • $300MM in media under management
  • Premier Pacvue solution partner, active in early beta testing
  • Pioneers in early retail ad ecosystems like Amazon DSP, AMC, and Instacart

Acadia’s Kroger Precision Marketing Clients


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