Paid Media Marketing Services

Acadia has a very unique and modern view of what a great Media Agency is. Acadia’s Paid Media marketing services team specializes in accountable media. We live in a targetable mindset where no dollar gets a free pass nor is wasted…ever. Our teams are not siloed, so we plan for your last dollar to go where it will have the greatest impact; be it Search, Social, Audio, Video, Amazon or any other digital destination. We exist to help you scale across all channels, while maintaining the transparency and accountability needed to build a true partnership. To note, if all you need help with is Search (for example), that is great too. We are not territorial, and really want to be here to help you where the greatest opportunity is. We are happy to be your AOR, but really, we just want to solve complex Paid Media marketing services problems together.

What truly sets us apart is that at the heart of any Paid Media marketing services solution usually also exists a performance creative and analytics riddle. Too often these pursuits are far away from media. Truly, to win in media in this era, you have to also be thinking about 1P data, audiences, creative testing, market mate testing and hold-outs, LTV analysis, and market rankers. To that end, as you read the below, you will notice that yes we talk about our media chops, but also that we introduce you to our analytics and performance creative capabilities.

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Paid Search, Paid Social & Biddable

  • Google, Amazon, TikTok & Meta premier partnerships

  • 150+ biddable experts

  • $350MM under management

  • Close partnerships with multiple DSPs, including MNTN, Amazon, MSFT (formerly Xandr) and more, plus partnerships with multiple other media service providers

  • Fully transparent pass-through and direct billing (no hidden fees / we keep everything above board)

Audio & Video

  • Close partnerships with Spotify, iHeartMedia, and SXM (Pandora, SiriusXM, et al)

  • We look for premium Audio inventory via PMPs and other direct deals

  • We leverage best-in-class planning tools to buy across all video platforms (OLV, CTV, OTT) via programmatic, direct, PMP and PG deals

Performance Creative

  • Google, Amazon, TikTok & Meta premier partnerships

  • 150+ biddable experts

  • $350MM under management

  • Close partnerships with multiple DSPs, including MNTN, Amazon, MSFT (formerly Xandr) and more, plus partnerships with multiple other media service providers

  • Fully transparent pass-through and direct billing (no hidden fees / we keep everything above board)

Digital Analytics

  • LTV and Churn Modeling

  • MMM and Market-Mate testing

  • 1P and Audience management

  • SOC2 compliant with ability to handle PII data

  • BI and Always On Reporting

  • Audience Intelligence and Media Consumption Tools including Resonate, MRI, etc.

We are proudly the Media AOR for some exciting and growing brands

Our media practice is partly defined by the company we keep. Great brands with “fighter budgets” that need to make every dollar count by stewarding the investment with more granularity. Our media AOR is a very modern version. We steward our clients money via a multitude of channels, actively trading in and out of positions and actively optimizing at every turn. The brands below have turned to Acadia because of our eye towards granularity and accountability.

….and we also work with brands in just specialized services as well. For some of the great clients below we just do best-in-class Search or Amazon Advertising management.

Our paid media philosophy

Acadia believes in an Audience-Based Planning approach that is essentially “bottoms up.” This method is more labor intensive, to be sure, but it is modern and appropriate. Our clients don’t have a single dollar to waste, so we start with hand-raisers and move up the “ladder” (visual below); continuing to look for our target audience at each rung.

We are not a “set it & forget it” shop with quarterly plans. We begin by executing a well-informed media plan and then continue each day by relentlessly honing the approach. With Acadia, a great plan is one that is very different 3 months from the start.

We start by looking for your hand-raisers, then your core customers, then those who look most like them, and then those who share signals they are most likely to want your product or service. We do this across paid social, video, audio, podcasts, display, retargeting, and CTV. We are a modern media force that thinks in terms of being biddable, accountable, and targetable.


Just a few kudos: We Are a Google Premier Partner Agency, An Amazon Advanced Partner Agency, We Were Named MediaPosts’s Independent Agency of the Year

Acadia has been selected from over 100,000 agencies across the globe to be in a small, curated group of agencies who make a meaningful difference in biddable media and therefore named a Google Premier Partner. This means access to alphas and betas. This means a direct line to our own dedicated Google partner managers that can help advance your needs and clear hurdles.

We also have clout and elevated Standing with Amazon
We also proudly were named Media Post’s Independent Agency of the Year. We earned this distinction because of how accountable our practice is, but also because of how we bring together media, retail media, analytics and performance creative to make life easier for our clients.

We are thought leaders in the media ecosystem

You hire an agency to help you look around the corner and to lead. We take that very seriously. We dedicate a ton of time to looking ahead. We have authored books like the “Great Client Partner”, we are regular contributors to Forbes, AdAge, MediaPost, DigiDay and Adexchanger, and we have a newsletter subscribed to by 15,000 senior marketers, a podcast (E-commerce braintrust) and more. We even authored a look ahead piece about how AI will drive the next evolution of SEO. If there is a horizon to look towards, we will be there with a POV.

Acadia has a world-class technical ecosystem that will help you achieve your goals

Too many agencies are looking to hold a client hostage to their technology stack and brew. We believe your data is your data. We use systems and technologies to enable you, not trap you. We also make it very clear that there is ZERO MARK-UP in our chosen technologies. The below is just a partial snapshot of our technology eco-system that allows us to programmatically buy media, keeping fees low, and accuracy high.

We partner with data, analytics, and media buying partners who allow us to stretch an integrated media arm that is thoughtful, sophisticated, and aimed at transparency and granularity.


We believe that biddable media is not a “what” but a “how”. So, you will never hear us say we’re simply running “programmatic” ads. Through our audience-based media buying philosophy, we select channels (Display, OLV, Audio) that are served/bought/delivered/xyz programmatically. The result: an integrated media strategy that serves every last dollar of our client’s budget.

Living in a world of walled gardens and proof-dwellers, this means we also work even harder to address measurement and impact, whether through thoughtful pathway analysis, or stripping it back to basics with good, old-fashioned market-made testing.

Acadia's Media Tech & Analytics Capabilities

Acadia uses best in class technologies to help steward your media dollars through a complicated advertising ecosystem. Beneath every media opportunity is often an analytics riddle. We have over 50 dedicated Analytics teamers who are statisticians, engineers, analytics practitioners waiting to help you figure out how to value your best customers. We specialize in four things: a) data warehousing and the art of gathering all your data into one place to make it actionable and usable in media b) customer segmentation and being able to value each of your different audiences and then push them out into media to be bid upon c) predictive modeling where we help you figure out when a customer is likely to churn and help you prevent that and finally d) measurement and dashboarding where we create always on-cloud based dashboards for you.


Below is a visual of a customer dashboard we create where we are able to import over 100 different data sources….


The 4 C’s

While Paid Media marketing services at Acadia is majority science and math, there must be strategy as well. We use a 4C process to really examine the role of the Culture, Consumer, Company and Category. This allows us to chart a course and a strategy where we might find white space for you versus doing all the same things that your competition is doing. For example, this process allowed us to see white space in podcasting for a consumer electronics retailer because we saw that their core consumer was spending a lot of time on their daily commute. We leaned into this cost-effective medium while competitors with bigger budgets kept focussing only on TV.


Paid Search

Search is a cornerstone of Acadia’s Paid Media marketing services practice, fueling our bottom-up approach to digital strategy.

We have a dedicated team of biddable media professionals with experience helping hundreds of clients across a wide variety of industries and ad budgets. Whether it’s balancing Performance Max against existing campaign structures, evolving to meet new audience requirements, navigating dynamic reporting needs, or balancing a multi-channel investment strategy, our team’s job is to stay up-to-date on the latest tools, tactics, and products that make us the best stewards of our clients’ investment dollars. This mindset has placed us in the top 3% of Google Partners as one of the 50 largest Ecomm/Retail/Omnichannel agencies in the Google ecosystem.

Key Capabilities

  • Omni-Channel Media Strategy - how does paid search fit within your overall channel mix
  • Online/Offline Optimization - evaluating site-side and real-world touchpoints to find a strategy that drive real, measurable results
  • Shopping Ad & Inventory Feed Management - optimizing and tailoring your Shopping initiatives to fit your needs
  • Comprehensive Audit Services - evaluate your competitive landscape, current search strategy, optimization opportunities, management needs, and Test & Lean approach
  • Test & Learn Expertise - applying the latest tools or strategies to find how they fit with your audience and tactic selection
  • Customized Reporting - dynamic dashboarding, shared insights, or hyper-focused deep dives

Our PPC Management Services include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Placement Analysis
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Negative Keyword development
  • Custom Landing Page creation
  • Website Conversion rate optimization
  • Campaign Development and Ongoing Management
  • Bid Strategy Management
  • Budgeting Pacing
  • Remarketing Optimization
  • Ad Copy & Creative Asset Optimization
  • Ad Copy & Creative Asset Optimization
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Analytics Integration
  • Structure data management
  • Inventory Feed optimization
  • Performance Reporting
  • Audience Analysis
  • Media Consumption Intelligence

Paid Social

Acadia is uniquely qualified to tackle your paid social requirements due to our omni-channel approach and our team of paid social experts who know every last feature, placement, bid strategy, and targeting option available.

Key Capabilities

  • Paid & Earned/Owned Working Together - working closely with a team of organic social content creators and world-class influencer marketers for consistent messaging and expanded reach
  • Omni-Channel Media Strategy - how does paid social fit within your overall channel mix and how do the strengths of each platform fit your audience or goals
  • Online/Offline Optimization - evaluating site-side and real-world touchpoints to find a strategy that drive real, measurable results
  • Platform Diversification - social advertising strategies are as diverse as the platforms themselves, audience insights and testing will find the mix that works for you
  • Data Centric - we utilize a proprietary process to leverage your customer/demographic data and build an audience strategy centered your most valuable customer profiles
  • Test & Learn Expertise - keeping up with the latest product releases and social trends so that your strategy evolves alongside your consumers’ online habits

Our Paid Social Services include:

Campaign & Ad Set Management

Paid Social Strategy

Retargeting & Prospecting

Audience Management

Ad Copy Creation & Optimization

Technical Set-Up & Maintenance

Content Marketing Tactics (Tailoring your creative and messaging to each platform)

Competitor Research

Pixel/Conversion API Management

Ongoing Campaign Reporting

Platform Attribution Solutions

Performance Creative


Performance Creative at Acadia is the machine that combines art and science to get the right messaging and visuals in front of the right consumers and clients in order to persuade and close sales. Our dedicated team is full of digitally native performance storytellers who understand that stories shape brands and create lasting customers. We use real-time data to craft audience-first campaigns that cut through clutter, stop the scroll, and drive results.

Performance Creative combines storytelling with best-in-class creative capabilities to make sure your brand stands out from the competition and that every campaign contributes to your business objectives.

From graphic design to high quality video ads, Acadia’s performance creative team is dedicated to delivering end-to-end creative excellence to every aspect of your marketing campaigns.

Take a look at our reel below

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Our unique capabilities include:

Full End-to-End Production

Creative Strategy & Data Analysis

Conversion-focused Graphic Design

Product & Lifestyle Photography

Motion Design

UGC Ad Production

Cross-channel asset delivery and deployment

Testing methodology and performance analysis to inform future iterations

Access to channel specific reps to ensure our creatives are following channel best practices for optimal performance

We lean in on multi-location clients who need to balance the physical with the digital.

If you are a restaurant chain, a multi-site healthcare enterprise, a large omni-channel retailer, a large footprint entertainment complex, a unique franchised concept, a multi-unit wellness concept or anything similar that has to think about store-fronts and using digital media not just to win in the e-commerce game but to also drive to store,, then you recognize that your multi-unit marketing agency needs are unique and complex and very different from selling Coca Cola to a mass and ubiquitous national audience. Multi-location marketing means you likely are dealing with many of the following challenges:

  • Omni-channel measurement complexities
  • Need to have precise geo-fences and radius targeting
  • Need to understand nuanced differences between urban and suburban markets
  • Need to deal with logistics of all the unique permutations of price, promotion, local sales, unique local needs
  • Need to be nimble enough to turn up budgets where needs are and dampen where there is less need. Never an hour to “set it and forget it”
  • Need to deal with franchise needs
  • Need overcome complex reporting
  • Need to adapt to localized menus, product mixes, and assortments