Acadia Paid Media

At Acadia, we steward your investment dollars as if they were our own

Acadia has you covered across Paid Media. Acadia’s media team specializes in accountable digital media. We live in a targetable mindset where no dollar gets a free pass nor is wasted…ever. Our teams are not siloed, so we plan for your last dollar to go where it will have the greatest impact; be it Search, Social, Audio, Video or any other digital destination. We exist to help you scale across all channels, while maintaining the transparency and accountability needed to build a true partnership. To note, if all you need help with is Search (for example), that is great too. We are not territorial, and really want to be here to help you where the greatest opportunity is.

Search & Paid Social

  • Google & Meta premier partner

  • In the top 200 elite agency cohort with Google

  • 100+ biddable experts

  • $100MM under management

  • Paid Media for multi-location companies


  • Currently working with Spotify, iHeart, and Pandora

  • Buying audio off of open exchange inventory and/or PG/PMP deals where it makes sense


  • Usage of own seat on Xander

  • Fully transparent programmatic practice

  • Partnership with MiQ

CTV / OTT / OLV / Video / Linear

  • Ability to buy across all video options including Amazon where we have our own DSP seat

  • Have ability to buy traditional OOH and linear TV via close partnership

We are proudly the Media AOR for some exciting and growing brands

Our media practice is partly defined by the company we keep. Great brands with “fighter budgets” that need to make every dollar count by stewarding the investment with more granularity. Our media AOR is a very modern version. We steward our clients money via a multitude of channels, actively trading in and out of positions and actively optimizing at every turn. The brands below have turned to Acadia because of our eye towards granularity and accountability.

….and we also work with brands in just specialized services as well. For some of the great clients below we just do best-in-class Search or Amazon Advertising management.

Our paid media philosophy

Acadia believes in an Audience-Based Planning approach that is essentially “bottoms up.” This method is more labor intensive, to be sure, but it is modern and appropriate. Our clients don’t have a single dollar to waste, so we start with hand-raisers and move up the “ladder” (visual below); continuing to look for our target audience at each rung.

We are not a “set it & forget it” shop with quarterly plans. We begin by executing a well-informed media plan and then continue each day by relentlessly honing the approach. With Acadia, a great plan is one that is very different 3 months from the start.

We start by looking for your hand-raisers, then your core customers, then those who look most like them, and then those who share signals they are most likely to want your product or service. We do this across paid social, video, audio, podcasts, display, retargeting, and CTV. We are a modern media force that thinks in terms of being biddable, accountable, and targetable.


We Are a Google Premier Partner Agency

Acadia has been selected from over 100,000 agencies across the globe to be in a small, curated group of agencies who make a meaningful difference in biddable media. This means access to alphas and betas. This means a direct line to our own dedicated Google partner managers that can help advance your needs and clear hurdles. This is a team that provides unique information, insights, and access.


Acadia has a world-class technical ecosystem that will help you achieve your goals

Too many agencies are looking to hold a client hostage to their technology stack and brew. We believe your data is your data. We use systems and technologies to enable you, not trap you. We also make it very clear that there is ZERO MARK-UP in our chosen technologies. The below is just a partial snapshot of our technology eco-system that allows us to programmatically buy media, keeping fees low, and accuracy high.

Programmatic at the moment is the wild west of digital marketing. We believe that programmatic is not a “what” but a “how”. So, you will never hear us say we’re simply running programmatic ads. Through our audience-based media buying philosophy, we select channels (Display, OLV, Audio) that are served/bought/delivered/xyz programmatically. The result: an integrated media strategy that serves every last dollar of our client’s budget.

We partner with data, analytics, and media buying partners who allow us to stretch an integrated media arm that is thoughtful, sophisticated, and aimed at transparency and granularity.

Living in a world of walled gardens and proof-dwellers, this means we also work even harder to address measurement and impact, whether through thoughtful pathway analysis, or stripping it back to basics with good, old-fashioned market-made testing.

Acadia's Media Tech Ecosystem

Acadia uses best in class technologies to help steward your media dollars through a cmoplicated advertising ecosystem. We have our own seats, traders, and access to the entire advertising supply.

MiQ Logo (PRNewsfoto/MiQ)

The 4 C’s

While media at Acadia is majority science and math, there must be strategy as well. We use a 4C process to really examine the role of the Culture, Consumer, Company and Category. This allows us to chart a course and a strategy where we might find white space for you versus doing all the same things that your competition is doing. For example, this process allowed us to see white space in podcasting for a consumer electronics retailer because we saw that their core consumer was spending a lot of time on their daily commute. We leaned into this cost-effective medium while competitors with bigger budgets kept focussing only on TV.


Paid Search

Search is the life-blood of Acadia’s media practice and the bedrock of our bottom-up approach to digital strategy. We have a dedicated team of biddable media professionals with experience helping hundreds of clients across a wide variety of industries and ad budgets. Whether it’s balancing Performance Max against existing campaign structures, evolving to meet new audience requirements, adapting to ever-changing reporting segments, or building to a full-funnel investment strategy, our team’s job is to stay up-to-date on the latest tools, tactics, and products that will allow us to be the best stewards of our clients’ investment dollars.

A key sub-specialization of Search is shopping ads and the corresponding necessity for inventory feed management. Our approach to Feed and Shopping at Acadia focuses on two core concepts:
Customized solutions to meet the individual needs of each advertiser and ensure the quality and accuracy necessary for success in retail advertising.
Feed management best-practices directly informed by platform experience; always evolving to get the best out of your ad dollar.
So whether it’s parsing raw inventory inputs, cleaning up rough patches, appending valuable attributes (margin tiering, promo data, etc), and tailoring field values to meet best practices - we work with your feed management provider or help build custom solutions for managing the large and complex feeds universally used by national retailers.

Beyond day to day management and optimization, our executive Google Ads team specializes in comprehensive PPC audit services to help you understand your business industry, competitive landscape, and user pain points. Each project involves complete strategic development, optimization analysis, tool evaluation, error diagnosis, and reporting services. This thoughtful and thorough approach to audits is aimed at providing the most effective campaign strategy needed to achieve your goals.
So whether you are looking to build a search strategy from the ground-up, restructure an existing account, or build on top of existing SEO strategy or website development, our team of certified strategists can help you.

Our PPC Management Services include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Placement Analysis
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Negative Keyword development
  • Custom Landing Page creation
  • Website Conversion rate optimization
  • Campaign Development and Ongoing Management
  • Bid Strategy Management
  • Budgeting Pacing
  • Remarketing Optimization
  • Ad Copy & Creative Asset Optimization
  • Ad Copy & Creative Asset Optimization
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Analytics Integration
  • Structure data management
  • Inventory Feed optimization
  • Performance Reporting

Paid Social

Acadia is uniquely qualified to tackle your paid social requirements because we come at it with a full-service perspective. Our team of paid social experts know every last feature, placement, bidding, and targeting option. They work closely with a team of organic social content creators and our world-class influencer marketing group to establish consistent messaging and expanded reach in all corners of the social ecosystem.

We work primarily across Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Reddit, LinkedIn and Pinterest, helping clients connect with the customers that suit them best. At the onset of a newengagement, we do an intensive paid social audit; evaluating your account, studying what has worked and what has underperformed. Looking at your current structure and performing a gap analysis to find areas that are either underserved or unnecessarily constrained. Assessing audience opportunity and segmentation. Reviewing your competitive landscape, customer journeys, and tracking opportunities. All to provide a cohesive strategy and attack plan for how to drive results in both the short and long term.

Paid social advertising strategies are as diverse as the platforms themselves. Still, the one thing they all have in common is that success starts by fully understanding your customer audience. Acadia’s approach to social begins with extensive data analysis to identify the perfect customer for your product or service.

We utilize a proprietary process to append your customer data with demographic data and use the resulting insights to create prospect audiences. These audiences allow us to build a strategy centered on acquiring your best customer profiles, while ensuring the message and visuals connect.

Once your target has been defined and a strategy is in place, the next level of our well-defined social strategy considers real-time analytics to recognize shifts in potential customers’ interest levels and/or platform preferences. Identifying these shifts lets our team pivot targeting or tactic when necessary and stay on top of the ever-changing social landscape. When combined with a ongoing practice of “Test & Learn”, we’re able to:

  1. Adapt to consumer and marketplace changes as they arise.
  2. Identify new tactics and opportunities to gain efficiency or scale.

Our Paid Social Services include:

Campaign & Ad Set Management

Paid Social Strategy

Retargeting & Prospecting

Audience Management

Ad Copy Creation & Optimization

Technical Set-Up & Maintenance

Content Marketing Tactics (Tailoring your creative and messaging to each platform)

Competitor Research

Pixel/Conversion API Management

Ongoing Campaign Reporting

Platform Attribution Solutions

Performance Creative


Performance Creative at Acadia is the machine that combines art and science to get the right messaging and visuals in front of the right consumers and clients in order to persuade and close sales. Our dedicated team is full of digitally native performance storytellers who understand that stories shape brands and create lasting customers. We use real-time data to craft audience-first campaigns that cut through clutter, stop the scroll, and drive results.

Performance Creative combines storytelling with best-in-class creative capabilities to make sure your brand stands out from the competition and that every campaign contributes to your business objectives.

From graphic design to high quality video ads, Acadia’s performance creative team is dedicated to delivering end-to-end creative excellence to every aspect of your marketing campaigns.

Our unique capabilities include:

Full End-to-End Production

Creative Strategy & Data Analysis

Conversion-focused Graphic Design

Product & Lifestyle Photography

Motion Design

UGC Ad Production

Cross-channel asset delivery and deployment

Testing methodology and performance analysis to inform future iterations

Access to channel specific reps to ensure our creatives are following channel best practices for optimal performance