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Performance Creative

Performance Creative is an artform that combines creativity with data-driven insights to deliver exceptional results. At Acadia, we specialize in creating performance-driven campaigns that not only capture attention but also drive meaningful results. We want to make sure your campaign performs. Our Performance Creative agency team combines the right brain and left brain traits into one, turning your leads into conversions that last.

Results-Driven Creative: Art That Performs

Performance Creative at Acadia is the machine that combines art and science to get the right messaging and visuals in front of the right consumers and clients in order to persuade and close sales.

Our dedicated team is full of digitally native performance storytellers who understand that stories shape brands and create lasting customers. We use real-time data to craft audience-first campaigns that cut through clutter, stop the scroll, and drive results.

Performance Creative combines storytelling with best-in-class creative capabilities to make sure your brand stands out from the competition and that every campaign contributes to your business objectives.

​​From graphic design to high quality video ads, Acadia’s performance creative team is dedicated to delivering end-to-end creative excellence to every aspect of your marketing campaigns.


Stacked With Resources

As a Performance Creative Agency, we offer full end-to-end production. We offer performance creative services that enhance the vision for your brand.

  1. Creative Strategy and Data Analysis
  2. Conversion-focused Graphic Design
  3. Product and LIfestyle Photography
  4. Motion Design
  5. UGC Ad Production
  6. Content Creation

The Acadia Difference

Industry-Leading Content Optimization

Acadia’s performance creative team optimizes your brand’s existing assets and creates new concepts using the latest platform-specific trends and direct response best practices, while leveraging real-time performance data to ensure the delivery of high-impact content.

Cohesive Campaigns for Omnichannel Success

By assigning a dedicated creative lead to your brand, we ensure seamless and cohesive brand messaging and design across all channels. With Acadia’s performance creative services, we utilize both online and offline touchpoints for your brand.

Whether you’re looking for out-of-home display, paid social, or pay per click (PPC) options, our performance creative services will ensure your brand stands out from your competition.


Deep Knowledge of Formulas for Success

Acadia’s performance creative team boasts an impressive track record with a diverse client base, allowing us to streamline the creative process based on proven formulas of success from our past.

Because of our advanced partner status with key platforms like Google and Amazon, our team stays up to day on platform best practices and trends.

Cross-Agency Feedback Loop

With Acadia’s seamless cross-channel collaboration and efficient feedback loop, our team is able to make strategic shifts and quick turnarounds based on real-time performance data and insights specific to each channel. We don’t just create and wait. Our performance creative team, like the rest of Acadia’s subject matter experts, remains involved and makes any shifts necessary for a successful campaign.

Let Acadia’s Performance Creative Team take your brand to the next level.