Amazon DSP Services

Increase sales with a trusted team of retail marketplace experts. Acadia helps mid-sized retail brands to grow market share, improve profitability, and stand out from the competition with our Amazon DSP Services.

Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP)

Amazon DSP is Amazon’s demand-side platform, allowing advertisers to programmatically buy ad placements on and Amazon-owned properties.

With the crowded nature of the Amazon marketplace, you need to use every tool at your disposal to win big. Amazon DSP helps brands reach Amazon shoppers across devices and publishers, including, Amazon Video, IMDB, and Kindle Fire tablets. Ad placements can be purchased on a cost-per-impression (CPM) or cost-per-click (CPC) basis.

Amazon’s DSP can help brands gain more exposure to both net new and existing customers, through access to exclusive Amazon inventory, custom audience targeting, and advanced reporting & attribution.

The challenge is ensuring your paid strategy makes sense for your specific goals, and that the advertising ROI is sustainable. This is why after dabbling with the DSP themselves or outsourcing to Amazon’s own managed service solution, many brands look for an experienced, credible partner to manage their DSP advertising efforts.

Why Choose Acadia To Manage Amazon DSP


As a verified Amazon advertising agency partner, we have been managing ads on Amazon’s DSP since 2017. In fact, back then it was called “Amazon Advertising Platform” or AMG. Your brand can benefit from our experience in multiple categories and ad strategies.



Our Amazon agency manages all aspects of a brand’s presence on Amazon (operations, brand protection, organic marketing and paid advertising), giving us deeper insight into factors that influence campaign performance. We can integrate campaign findings into organic marketing efforts, such as product detail page optimization, pricing, and focusing on in-stock products.


We often integrate DSP with Amazon performance advertising (PPC) to deliver superior results. Check out our DSP and other advertising case studies to see our team at work.



We have direct access to the Amazon DSP, which not all agencies do. We also have a partner relationship with Amazon which provides us with more insights and access to beta programs. And if your brand is looking to prove the incrementality of DSP, we also have an Amazon Advertising Cloud solution that can track the full-funnel purchase journey of your customers on Amazon.

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