Lansinoh grows ad-attributed revenue by 73% on Amazon
“We knew Acadia’s online content was really good. We saw the strategic capabilities they brought to the table, and we saw how that would apply to Lansinoh if we worked together.”
Umer Paracha, Lansinoh’s Head of E-commerce and Digital Marketing

Customer overview

Established as a grassroots business to provide pain relief to breastfeeding mothers, Lansinoh products support the entire maternal journey. From birth prep to postpartum recovery and daily routines, Lansinoh’s product offerings ensure every mother can breastfeed with confidence.


  • Overcoming reluctance to hand over the keys to an agency partner, after managing in-house for several years
  • Promoting sales for new product lines and improving sales of core products 
  • Increasing market share while keeping a tight hold on costs
  • Standing up a new market (Canada) where brand awareness was low  


  • Provide a third-party perspective to introduce current best practices 
  • Optimize current campaign and keyword strategies for optimum engagement   
  • Clarify client/agency responsibilities to ensure efficient collaboration between teams



YOY growth rate in
ad-attributed revenue (US)


YOY growth rate in
ad-attributed revenue (Canada)


sales YOY for Prime Day
2022 over 2021


Increase market share and profitability on

With an established presence on Amazon supported by a small internal team of marketers, the 35-year-old maternity and healthcare brand wanted to boost their Amazon sales. Despite their solid Amazon revenues, Lansinoh’s leadership felt there was room for significant improvement, especially with their new postpartum product lines. 

Improving the brand’s Amazon performance fell to Umer Paracha, Lansinoh’s Head of E-commerce and Digital Marketing. Umer felt that by limiting their marketing efforts to an internal team, Lansinoh was missing perspective and opportunities.    

“Having only an internal team, we were lagging behind in some best practices. Amazon marketing has evolved over the last three to five years and we wanted fresh guidance — we wanted to understand the best tactics in the marketplace and how we could apply them."

The brand, however, had concerns about maintaining its current profitability while taking on a new marketing partner. They were wary of increasing their marketing and Amazon advertising budgets without seeing adequate channel growth. Finally, they wanted someone who could provide them with a comprehensive growth strategy rather than isolated tactics.

“Getting an agency on board, there are always doubts. I would never hire an agency I hadn't already seen showing value in the market. Amazon is our number-one revenue-driving channel, so we were worried that someone from the outside wouldn’t be able to pick up where we left off and understand our customers and products.”

Lansinoh considered several potential agency partnerships to bolster their online platform expertise, but Acadia, formerly known as Bobsled, stood out. From the outset, Lansinoh was aware of the agency’s work — several of the brand’s employees were already following Acadia’s thought leadership content. 

“We knew Acadia’s online content was really good. We saw the strategic capabilities they brought to the table, and we saw how that would apply to Lansinoh if we worked together.”

Umer reached out, and the Acadia team began a comprehensive audit of the brand’s current Amazon campaigns.

Umer Paracha quote lansinoh


Taking the inside track with full-channel Amazon marketplace experts

Following the audit, Umer was certain that Acadia was the way to achieve Lansinoh’s revenue goals. Even before Lansinoh had committed to the engagement, the Acadia team laid out a roadmap to optimize Lansinoh’s channel growth and introduce new strategies. 

“Acadia really showed us initiative. The audit they conducted aligned with our own strategies. It showed us the path to things we could optimize and things we should have been doing but were not.” 

Optimizing keyword strategies for better returns and visibility

Acadia collaborated with Umer’s team to drive Lansinoh’s goal of using the full potential of Amazon marketing to promote their new postpartum products.

The Acadia team conducted extensive research into high-volume keywords to establish Lansinoh’s baseline performance for impression share, impression performance, and conversions. 

With a baseline established, Acadia then implemented specific keyword campaigns to remove underperforming terms. Where the Acadia team found low-converting keywords, they diverted that ad spend to Lansinoh’s top performers. This had the effect of improving topline revenue while also increasing ROAS.

Next, Acadia created individual campaigns that aligned Lansinoh’s new product lines with those of their top rivals. This gave Lansinoh more granular control over their spending and increased visibility when customers were browsing the competition.

“Acadia really concentrated on our new product lines. We wanted to grow our market share as well as profitability — a very tough task. Over the past six months with their input, we've been tracking steadily towards that.”

Broadening PPC advertising channel strategies

To improve engagement while keeping ad spend in check, Acadia reviewed the Lansinoh marketing stack to identify Amazon channels the brand had overlooked.

By introducing Umer’s team to more strategic options with the Amazon demand-side platform (DSP), Acadia is increasing the breadth of Lansinoh's marketing stack. This gives the brand the ability to use new advertising types and targeting options based on customer interests and demographics.

Acadia also found that Lansinoh was underutilizing valuable targeting options for other ad types. Leveraging their experience working with brands in adjacent categories Acadia tapped into new audience segments the brand had previously left untouched.

“Acadia really opened up our mindset — we were focused on sponsored products as our main driver. They showed us marketing channels and strategies we hadn’t considered.”

Cooperative efforts align strategy with execution

To streamline the collaboration, Acadia defined the responsibilities of both the agency’s and Lansinoh’s internal team to avoid misunderstandings and overlapping effort. 

To ensure both teams stayed on track, Acadia also instigated regular meetings to keep everyone in the loop.

“Cooperation between a brand and agency can get confusing. In our weekly meetings, we brainstorm with the Acadia team, look at results and outcomes, check in with each other on the execution of tasks, and catch up on things we are missing.”

Proactive, responsive collaboration to drive higher yields

In addition to the weekly meetings, Acadia provided a steady flow of guidance, thinking ahead to anticipate and mitigate potential issues. Acadia quickly responded to the insights of Umer’s team, addressing each of the concerns they brought to the table.

The Acadia team was available throughout each campaign to discuss strategy, provide optimizations, suggest technical tactics, and optimize product placement. The teams communicated proactively to select the right products, rapidly approve deals, and ensure inventory was always in line with demand.

“For Prime Day, Acadia team members were right there with us on Slack, helping us get the right deals in the door and showing new moms waking up at four am the best product matches for themselves and their babies. The Acadia team would tweak our ads by suggesting something as simple as changing out a headline we had taken from our website for another that emphasized benefits. Together, all those small things resulted in high yields.”


73% YOY growth in ad-attributed revenue while maintaining ROAS

In only four months, from April to July 2022, Lansinoh showed meteoric gains, clocking in with a 73% rise in YOY revenue without increasing their ad spend.

In the same period, Lansinoh’s Canadian Amazon numbers grew by 56% YOY, with its ROAS showing the same stability as their US efforts.

Setting an Amazon Prime day record

The brand’s proudest moment, however, was the performance of their new product lines on Amazon Prime Day 2022. Achieving 3x YOY revenues over 2021, the company even outperformed its pandemic-fuelled 2020 Prime Day numbers.  

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“Prime Day was our number-one success story. The entire company celebrated when they saw the numbers. That was when I thought ‘Alright, this is a good relationship. Acadia are the right people for us.’”

Based on their joint successes, Umer considers Acadia a valuable partner and plans to continue his collaboration with Acadia long-term.

“Despite the economic challenges we expect over the next few years, we are looking to continue with our current profitability. We see Acadia showing us the path and providing valuable optimizations and insights.”

Due to Acadia’s consistent results and the excellent guidance the team provided throughout the campaign, Umer says they are the ideal partner for businesses at any stage of their development.

“Every company leader should look into Acadia’s bespoke services. There are a lot of agencies out there in the Amazon space, but a select few show consistent and proven results. Acadia is one of them.”

Client Testimonial

“Every company leader should look into Acadia’s bespoke services. There are a lot of agencies out there in the Amazon space, but a select few show consistent and proven results. Acadia is one of them.”

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