P.C. Richard & Son

David vs Electronics Goliaths: Priority Market Segmentation & Paid Media Allocation


P.C. Richard & Son is a large omni-channel consumer electronics company, with over 100 years of history and heritage throughout the Northeast region of the United States. It has to spend every dollar wisely to compete with the likes of Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon. With a competitive and expensive media market to deal with PC Richard & Son came to Acadia to help them with Paid Media, Performance Creative and Analytics.

Our Solution

The big idea and question hit us! If all households are not equal, why would we invest equally through the region?! We went to work on our segmentation, discovering for example that “Suburban Stars” are 60% more valuable than other targets.

We devised a market ranker, where some stores would get more, and some would get less, but the overall revenue pie would grow as a result of CHOICE.


0% +

increase in the priority markets

Our segmentation and spend allocation changes paid off. Markets of higher value saw a 7% increase and our maintenance markets saw a 3% increase. These insights now allow P.C. Richard & Son to have a competitive advantage in spending smartly.

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