Acadia helps Lovepop unlock capacity for strategic growth

Lovepop’s Director of eCommerce Marketplaces, Emery Robbins, shares how Acadia helped her to free up the time she needed for strategic growth initiatives and planning. Knowing that she had a proactive, capable partner in her corner who was dealing with the minutiae of Amazon new item setup, PDP optimization, and Amazon case management, Emery could focus on more strategic efforts to grow the brand’s various marketplace channels.

Hear from Emery first-hand in this video.

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I’m Emery Robbins and I am the director of e commerce marketplaces at Love Pop

my role is to make sure I'm advocating for all the needs of Amazon and keeping up to speed with all the crazy updates that come throughout the year.

I started working with Acadia because I needed more support on a day to day basis. There were a ton of tasks to get done every day. I wanted to hire someone that I could trust to really execute on new item set up, images, content variation creation and also all the case management when you have a laundry list of things to get done from a case management standpoint or new items at standpoint it can just feel really overwhelming and then those higher level strategy to do list items get pushed to the wayside. And so I wanted to hire someone that could really be a partner with us to execute on the day to day so I could focus on the higher level strategy for the business.

Our relationship was just lovely, it was wonderful. Every morning I would get up check my slack and see a message from our account manager with any updates, any changes, case updates and I could easily just look at that message and feel confident that I can move into other parts of my day without having to log in, check all the different parts of Seller Central, and scroll through different reports.

"I just knew that they were ‘on it’. And that was very very helpful for me managing the business."

We launch a ton of new SKUs every season and so creating that set process for new item set up was ideal for the health of our business today and so we still use that same process that we set up at the beginning and it's worked flawlessly.

I think working with a partner that can truly come along beside you and support what you are trying to do within the business is so helpful. I think the most meaningful thing has been just the trust that we had as we worked together.

I definitely felt confident that even if there was a variation that was created wrong or that Amazon got mad at us for creating something that our account manager was already submitting the case.

I didn't have to ask for things. There was a lot of proactive work being done on the account
and that was so important to me throughout the relationship.

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