Ocha & Co.

Acdia was tasked with building a plan that would maximize Ocha & Co.’s visibility, budget, and sales opportunities.

The Challenge

Japan-based green tea brand Ocha & Co had previously sold on Amazon for 6 months on their own without outside assistance. This ended after six months when dealing with Amazon help desk became too time consuming and stressful. Ocha & Co. needed a partner they could trust and help them with everything related to Amazon all while being on opposite sides of the globe. They chose to partner with Acadia in February of 2021.

The Solution

We had to start from the ground floor and build a plan that would maximize Ocha & Co.’s visibility, budget, and sales opportunities. This was done by the following:

  • Account strategy (Subscriptions, Prime Day, Black Friday, SnS, and 4th Quarter)
  • We built their brand story from the ground up. Changing the live images and new videos to all their PDPs
  • Amazon PPC advertising (Product, Brand campaigns)
  • Amazon Account Management (Lost Inventory, Listing Management, Inbound Shipments)
  • Account performance updates started at the ASIN level, and we looked to impact areas that we’re underperforming
  • Inventory management is a big part of this story - Gary was “content” with the account’s performance and so he started to relax a bit too much and the account was just drifting by the motions. We managed to get him reeled in and on top of inventory needs - we also onboarded him into Flieber to help with that


Nearly a


increase in sales year to date (2023)

Client Testimonial

“I did a great deal of research into agencies offering support for Amazon sellers before I decided on Acadia. I have been extremely impressed by the caliber of staff working at the agency: professional, efficient, and empathetic.”

Gary Lawson, Owner

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