TULA Skincare

The Need

TULA Skincare wanted to improve market share in the Amazon Beauty category and increase brand awareness.


How We Helped

Acadia completed a deep-dive assessment of current advertising efforts and found untapped opportunities. The team designed a new approach to advertising efforts that focused more on non-branded keywords, recent customer acquisitions, and customer base expansion.


As a result of our focus on ad campaign optimization, we own most of the placements at the top of the search results page and drive new-to-brand customers at a sustainable cost.


In the three months after we began strategy implementation, sales from non-branded search terms grew by 155%.


During the same three-month focus period, Paid Share of Voice for the generic keyword “eye balm” increased from 17% to 35.2% due to our efforts.


Doubled the paid share of voice for one of their most important search terms.

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