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Sales Increase Via BOGO Promotion

The Challenge

What The Brand Needed

Dairy brand selling on Amazon through Seller Central and the Fresh grocery program saw a huge COVID surge (5X typical monthly volume) due to the first wave pantry loading

After running out of stock for a couple of weeks, there was an overcorrection when the equivalent of 8+ months worth of inventory was shipped to Amazon

Demand suddenly returned to normal levels when the panic-buying subsided, meaning several Amazon products were dangerously overstocked

The brand turned to Bobsled to rapidly increase sales for overstocked items as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Solution

How We Helped

Step 1: Thorough listing optimization (new keyword strings, titles, bullets, descriptions, updated media gallery images, refreshed A+, new video content)

Step 2: Full ad campaign buildout and associated elevated ad budget levels

Step 3: Aggressive promotions calendar that alternated between social media/influencer promo codes, sale prices, 7-day deals, coupons, a Lightning Deal, Prime Exclusive Discounts and Buy One Get One (BOGO)

The Results



per day


per day


per day

568% Total Sales Increase

Bobsled started managing the account on June 12th. Total sales increased considerably until August.

From $21,392 to $142,941.29

Boosting Sales Through Promotions

Percentage Off Coupon
59% ↗ in sessions and 8% ↗ in daily sales

Percentage Off 7-day Deal
119% ↗ in sessions and 18% ↗ in daily sales

Percentage Off Sale Price
267% ↗ in sessions and 18% ↗ in daily sales

597% ↗ in sessions and 584% ↗ in sales


Promotion Performance Analysis

Reasons for the success of this specific BOGO promo include:

Reason #1 - Grass Roots Social Sharing

The brand’s social posts were picked up by other FB groups that specialize in deal finding. The highly volatile hour-by-hour nature of sales for this account during the time (see below screenshot) indicates external traffic sources sending large amounts of traffic over short intervals of time.

Reason #2 - The Price Elastic Nature of Grocery Commodities

There are likely enough Amazon deal shoppers looking for high value (i.e. organic/grass-fed) dairy products that aren’t particularly brand loyal and will easily switch to the product with the lowest price per oz. Thus, a promo as drastic as BOGO will convert a majority of these shoppers.

Reason #3 - Internal Amazon Marketing

The organic flywheel of increased conversion (both paid and organic) propelled these promoted products to highly visible browsing areas within Amazon’s search ecosystem.

Our Work With Clients

"Best seller in less than three months. That should be on a Bobsled ad somewhere! Thank you for the partnership. Your #1 fan!"

US Seller Central Grocery & Fresh Brand

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