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Acadia Named Media AOR For Primo Water (NYSE: PRMW)

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Acadia invests alongside some of our clients

Acadia looks to co-invest with select high-growth clients at the Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A stages when digital marketing is a crucial acceleration ingredient. Possibly a situation where typical investors can’t exactly see the magic of the idea just yet. We are not typical investors. We are operators, marketers, board members, and an entire company of growth experts who know how to see opportunity.


Acadia brings expertise in leadership, management, operations, and impactful growth marketing. Sean Belnick and Jared Belsky are both seasoned investors and operators. Jared sits on boards and advisory boards for 2Ulaundry, OffbeatMedia, and the EIG (Emory Investment Group) and is an operating partner at Overline.

The desire to co-invest comes out of our belief that alignment should permeate our client relationships at Acadia. Our employees feel more connected to our client base when they hear that we have taken financial interests in a few of them. It means at Acadia, there is never talk about “us” and “them,” but rather a focus on aligned interests and partnership.

We believe in a sustainable future, and so does Grubbly Farms. Grubbly is changing the way backyard chickens are fed using grubs versus other methods that put a greater burden on our earth. Not only have we made a financial investment in Grubbly Farms that we are very proud of, but we are currently helping them climb to #1 in the google rankings via a focussed engagement in SEO.

“The folks at Acadia are incredible partners both in terms of their digital marketing skills, but also as early investors and believers in our business.”

– Patrick Pittaluga, Cofounder

1Q is a leader in consumer engagement, allowing brands to interact in real time with mobile audiences. Built on a platform of radical simplicity, brands can use the 1Q platform to instantly pinpoint consumers with high quality responses.

“We are proud that Acadia is not only a key investor in 1Q, but also our lead agency for performance marketing. It means they always have our best interest in mind and are thinking about our business as a whole, and not in silos”

– Keith Rinzler, CEO and Founder 1Q

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