Customer acquisition costs are at an all-time high leaving growing brands unable to compete to find their next best customers.

Meet Acadia’s proprietary software, ShopFluency technology that unlocks valuable data to help brands understand their best customers and make informed marketing decisions to find more of them.

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Finally, direct-to-consumer e-commerce companies can beat their competition — now at a lower cost per acquisition. At Acadia, our proprietary technology, ShopFluency, allows our team to be laser-focused on who your best customers are and how to target them. Through seamless integrations, ShopFluency connects to platforms like Facebook, email, and other internal systems source data that:

  • Identifies top-performing audiences
  • Increases ROI
  • Identifies opportunities in existing customer spend
  • Increases customer retention and loyalty

With ShopFluency, we monitor real-time dashboards to improve and drive results. We help brands define their customers, groups, or personas with data to create customized marketing goals that deliver the best possible customer experience.

Customer Targeting

ShopFluency is a customer segmentation solution designed for businesses to compete against rising marketing costs and find the ideal audience. ShopFluency connects using an API key, granting access to all the major e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and BigCommerce. Accessing valuable customer data is now quick, user-friendly, and affordable through ShopFluency.


ShopFluency lets you know what to sell each customer next with personalization and product recommendation. Our personalized customer profiles are ranked by sales potential so you can make informed decisions on which audiences to target. ShopFluency even highlights demographics, buying behaviors, and product preferences to inform your messaging to each group.

At Acadia, you can leverage your understanding to find more of your best customers while increasing loyalty with existing ones.
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