Google Shopping

Google Shopping ads are often set-and-forget campaigns in Google Ads. Due to the lack of data provided by Google, ROI-driven campaigns are usually limited to brand-based exposure without the marketer even knowing. Our approach is based on research and driven by Feed optimization that teaches Google what searches your products are relevant for beyond just brand searches.


Shopping Ads Management

Often seen as low-hanging fruit, Shopping Ads and restructured campaigns commonly see 20%-40% ROI increases when clients onboard at Acadia. An optimized shopping feed allows e-commerce retailers to feature individual products in search results on Google and Bing, often appearing above both paid and organic search results. As Google’s algorithm continues to develop, Shopping Ads are more relevant now than ever. Shopping ads occupy almost 20% of the first page of search results for product-related queries, which 50% higher compared to 2014.

Product Feed Management

Paid Shopping Advertising experts are critical to the success of e-commerce retailers. When partnering with Acadia, clients avoid common campaign pitfalls. Often site designers and web admins lack the necessary familiarity with Google Analytics to promote shopping feeds effectively. Our team can quickly and successfully implement tools to optimize search results for your products and services.

Acadia will de-bug product integration issues for accounts with existing Google shopping feeds experiencing product integration issues. Additionally, our team provides concise recommendations to optimize search performance. However, this process of “reversing” site structure limitations is exceptionally time-consuming and expensive. For this reason, we urge you to seek expert guidance early on in site development to ensure that it integrates with Google—saving you valuable time and money long-term.

E-commerce Retailers Need Shopping Feeds

Three reasons why retailers should implement shopping ads to remain competitive and increase revenue:


Customers “buy” into shopping ads because they are user-friendly and make purchasing decisions simple. Retailers can display their products images, names, descriptions, and prices directly in front of their desired customers. Shopping ads allow customers to scan products across competitors and make a purchase quickly.


Shopping ads attract users that are farther along in the purchasing cycle and ready to buy. Typically, these users have researched products and know what they want to buy—Google’s Shopping Feed provides the ability to shop competitively.


Retail clients that invest in effective Shopping Feed campaigns have an average increase in click-through rate up to three times. Because shopping feeds attract more potential buyers, this means increased website traffic and more purchases for your product.

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