Bing Ads Management

If 100% of customers aren’t searching on Google, then why limit your online ad presence there? Although Bing and Yahoo accounts for significantly less search engine user market share than Google, they still receive almost 400 million searches a day combined. With ads occupying almost 60% of important real estate on the first page of search results for Bing and Yahoo, Bing Ads is extremely advantageous.

Bing Ads is the advertising platform used to serve ads on both Bing and Yahoo. Bing Ads can be extremely beneficial for certain businesses and industries when paired with a strong AdWords management campaign. Our team can help build a strong online presence for your business that involves an effective, ROI-driven Bing Ads campaign.


Benefits of Bing PPC Advertising

Key Elements of Acadia's Local Search Engine Optimization Strategy Include:

Un-tapped Audience

Bing still powers one-third of searches in the United States, connecting Bing advertisers to 56 million searchers that are unreachable by Google.

Lower CPCs

Bing Ads have a much cheaper cost per click (CPC), making it extremely advantageous for small to medium sized businesses on a tight budget. Cheaper bids mean more clicks, higher traffic, and increased conversions.

A Balanced Playing Field

Similar to Google AdWords, Bing Ads use an auction system which gives Bing advertisers an advantage from the lack of strong competition.

Streamlined Account Builds

When ranking businesses in local search engine optimization results, Google looks for quality and consistency by analyzing local business directories for uniformity of information. For example: do name, address, and phone number (NAP) match across all Internet citations such as Google+, Yelp, local listings, etc.? Does the business have any reviews, particularly on Google? We enable our clients to generate these reviews and directory listings by creating and managing processes that allow the business to connect with happy customers and secure this crucial ranking signal.

Bing Ads Management Services

Whether you are looking to build a brand-new Bing Ads PPC account or restructure an existing campaign, our team can assist you. Techwood Digital has several years of experience in providing ad management services for several clients across industries through Bing Ads. Our consultancy services are rooted in transparency – we never shy away from providing open and honest feedback and recommendations to equip you with the needed information to make the best decisions for your business.