Remarketing Services

Remarketing also referred to as retargeting, is the process of targeting website visitors that have either interacted with your website property or have searched for a keyword phrase relevant to your business. These users can be targeted on third party websites and search engines. We are then able to further filter who, what, how long, etc. The below illustration shows what this navigational flow looks like:


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Acadia offers end-to-end remarketing services and we guide clients to purchase ads directly from the networks that offer the remarketing services as opposed to aggregation through a third-party tool (such as AdRoll, Critio, etc). In our experience, advertising costs are lowest when inventory is purchased directly from a network, and the tracking + advertising consistency can easily be centralized through an analytics platform like Google Analytics.

Remarketing becomes increasingly powerful when paired with audience targeting, which enables filtration and thus more specific targeting of users. Audiences are explained in more detail here, and this is a core facet of our paid search management methodology.