Paid Social

Our full-suite digital marketing delivers robust social offerings to clients. Acadia’s team of paid social experts utilize all social platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Internet radio (Pandora, Spotify, and related), and more. We help clients target their desired outcomes by engaging creative that drives a full-funnel experience while balancing the need to focus on conversions of bottom-of-funnel.


Paid social advertising strategies are as diverse as the platforms. Still, the one thing they all have income is success starts by fully understanding your customer audience. By understanding your audience, and the attributes that define the perfect customer for your product or service, you can focus your social spending on acquiring your best customers. Focusing on intelligent Paid Social is the only way to combat increasing CPC and grow ROI in the competitive social advertising space.

Acadia’s approach to social starts with extensive data analysis and genuinely seeking to understand your customer targets. We utilize a proprietary process to append past purchaser data with demographic data to analyze your actual customer persons. We use the data we find to create prospect audiences focused on your best customer profiles and ensure that ad copy and visuals connect with that prospect.

The next level of our well-defined social strategy considers real-time analytics to recognize shifts in potential customers’ interest levels. These shifts should trigger events that create a custom path to purchase that speaks directly to that customer.

Acadia’s full-suite capabilities go beyond data and analytics that drive paid social strategy. In addition to SEM, OLV, and CTV, our agency’s capacity provides wide-ranging solutions through original content creation, photography, video editing, and graphic design. This dynamic position allows for both scientific and creative advantages for our clients.

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