Amazon Account Launch

Are you planning to launch an Amazon account? Let our team help set you up for success.


Acadia’s Amazon Consultants help brands:
Launch product catalogs efficiently
Quickly grow Amazon revenue
Receive high-level insights and reporting
Save time

During a brand’s pre-launch phase of the program, our team completes an in-depth marketing analysis and provides clients with operation support. Once inventory becomes active on the Amazon Marketplace, Acadia provides full channel management across four essential components:
Paid Advertising
Organic Marketing
Brand Protection and Customer Service

Acadia provides Amazon Account Launch services on Amazon’s North American, European and Australian marketplaces – on Seller Central and Vendor Central. This service includes non-English markets, e.g., Amazon Germany.

Benefits of Amazon Account Launch Services Include:
Profitable revenue growth
High-level insights and reporting
Efficient time and resource management
A dedicated team of Amazon Consultants managing your account

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