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Acadia is an Atlanta retention marketing agency with a team of experts in the field—with an average return on investment of 35% to show for it. Implementing this marketing channel for our clients is a no-brainer with no additional monthly spending. Our retention marketing approach goes far beyond sending out a batch and blast email campaign customary in traditional email marketing. We look at the data and create a custom experience based on making sure the right person is receiving the right message at the right time. 


Acadia, an Atlanta retention marketing agency, is composed of first-in-class marketers, copywriters, and design experts. Our team works together in a coordinated effort to develop high-converting email and SMS marketing strategies to create beautifully branded campaigns. Our retention marketers closely monitor the ongoing performance of email and SMS to ensure our campaigns are consistently trending upward, leveraging the data to establish new campaigns and automation, and establishing retention-generated revenue for our clients.


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Our Data-Driven Approach

Sometimes, you feel the need to get an email out in traditional marketing and don't always feel you have the time to review results. You get stuck, and you spend money just to broadcast a message that might convert a few customers, but you aren't spending any time learning from the email and what caused the conversion. Was it the segment? Was it the offer? Or did the offer encourage them to go to the site, but they ended up buying something that wasn't even included in the offer. These are some reasons why a data-driven approach is so important.


With a data-driven approach, you leverage that customer data with segmentation and personalization. Personalizing the message helps you send a message that will truly matter and have an impact on your target audience. Segmenting your audience leads to a unique customer experience, which leads to higher conversion rates, and we all want that! We emphasize reporting and learning from what led to a conversion. We also know that what worked today might not work six months from now, which means we are constantly making tweaks and coming up with new ideas. It is key for any successful Atlanta retention marketing agency to stay at the forefront of innovation within the industry.

Acadia Clients

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Why Invest in an Atlanta Retention Marketing Company?

Competing for attention in any inbox is hard, so it's essential to be as relevant to your target audience as possible. Customer retention requires effective communication — which is knowing your audience and their behaviors and aligning your messaging with them! The depth of detail in automation and segmentation can be challenging to navigate — that's where we come in. We analyze your customer data to see which segments and automations will be the most impactful and drive revenue.


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Email Marketing Life Cycle Strategy

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Segmentation is vital because if you continue to send the same broad message to your entire email list, you will have a lower click rate and higher unsubscribe rate. Subscribers become disengaged when they get messaging that doesn't always pertain to them. There are still appropriate situations to send emails to your entire list, but that doesn't have to be all the time. Sending messaging and creating automations that pertain to the subscriber's interests helps build trust and move them through the sales cycle faster.


Best practices and trends are constantly changing. What works today might not work three months from now, and that is why it's so important to continue to test. For one, it helps you optimize your messaging. Testing is not just limited to subject lines, but you can also test images, CTAs, copy length, offer, and more. Testing helps evaluate customer behavior while creating product and customer identity.


Data Analysis

With great data comes great analysis. The data you receive from Shopify informs, and surveys and behavior data within Klaviyo help you transition from understanding your current position to understanding what your subscribers will want in the future. Data and analytics involve understanding your customer mix, such as who they are and why they buy.


Reporting helps you identify what you should focus on next. It can help determine what new segments, campaigns, automations, and tests to create. It even helps plan out your email calendar for the year. It gives you a focus and allows you to take out the email topics that aren't doing well and focus on the emails that engage subscribers.


Atlanta Retention Marketing Agency FAQs

We recommend sending on a consistent day and time with a consistent cadence. Your subscribers' preferences determine how often you should send emails. If you see high open rates and low unsubscribes, we will encourage you to add another email to your cadence.

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