National SEO Services

From national brands to e-commerce sites and digital products, our national SEO services are made to help your business grow and succeed by getting in front of the right audience, every time. Our expertise in national SEO will help you gain the national awareness and traffic that you have been looking for from the entire country.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of ranking on the illustrious first page of Google's search results for keywords that drive customers or clients to your website. While many companies find SEO to be a profitable, or even essential, customer acquisition channel for their business, many others have had it bear no fruit. One reason for this is that very often SEO campaigns are aimed at the wrong audience.

Generally speaking, national SEO focuses on brands and products, while local SEO focuses on location and services. Knowing which type of campaign will yield the best outcomes for your business comes down to understanding search engine algorithms and consumer intent and then developing the right strategy. Service businesses that operate in specific markets will see the best results from a local SEO strategy. National SEO campaigns are ideal for national brands, e-commerce sites, and digital products.

The Key to Successful National SEO Campaigns

Search engines like Google want to provide users with the best possible results. Whenever someone submits a query, Google’s algorithm determines the searcher’s intent and identifies their location. The key difference is whether the user is searching for general information or something nearby. Google provides results based on the user’s location if their query suggests that’s what they are looking for (“air conditioner repair near me”, for example). If the query is more general, Google will also give results from national sources.

National SEO Strategies

Factoring consumer intent and location-based queries into your SEO strategy will make a significant difference in the success of your campaign. When your business undertakes a national SEO campaign, there is much more competition for high placement in search engine results pages. Since both local and national companies will appear on results pages, you will need a strategy for standing out among both of these types of competitors.


National SEO for Brands and E-Commerce Companies

Acadia’s team of search marketing experts understand both the technical and strategic sides of national SEO campaigns and use their expertise to provide clients with honest, meaningful, and measurable results. Our national SEO campaigns focus on the factors that have a proven impact on search rankings and consumer engagement for companies with national reach and e-commerce sites. These include:

Identifying keywords that align your brand with consumer search queries

Assessing technical areas of your website to ensure it is efficiently crawled by search engines

Analyzing competitors who are also operating and competing on a national level

Optimizing the vital backend aspects of your website that demonstrate relevance to search engines (meta descriptions, page titles, header tags, alt tags)

Ensuring your website content has enough depth and relevance to your target audience

Engaging trustworthy third-party websites for content placement and link-earning

Evaluating user experience, navigation design, and page speed

Cultivating social proof and trust signals through content distribution to social media profiles

Our national SEO campaigns maximize the opportunity for your business to be found and selected by potential customers who are already on the buyer’s journey. To find out more about national SEO campaigns, contact Acadia Digital today.