SEO Link Building

Historically (before 2012), SEO link building had been the primary organic ranking signal for search engines that many websites took advantage of, manipulating to skyrocket their rank in search engines for certain keywords. This black-hat SEO tactic has become extinct through Penguin, Google’s algorithm that aggressively punishes sites that engage in extreme link manipulation.

This is not to say that backlinks are not an important ranking signal for SEO anymore – if anything, they are more important now than ever. Link building is still a central component of SEO strategy and very integrated in Google’s current algorithm, which is constantly evolving and improving. We want to help you build a safe and powerful link profile. Although it’s important to uphold link building strategy as a primary evaluation metric in SEO, there is certainly a right way to go about it.

Natural Link Building is Key

Search engines gauge a site’s overall authority based on the quality of links pointing to a website, so it is important to maintain a strategically strong link building strategy. The key to successful link building is to model natural link building behavior as closely as possible. Through the Penguin update, Google has developed several checks and balances to determine whether a link appears natural or manipulative. Today, link building needs to be conducted with strategy and care. In doing so, it will be effective for your website and your industry, while avoiding an algorithmic penalty.

Acadia's Link Building Services

The SEO team at Acadia has endured all algorithm updates by Google and gained experience in effective SEO link building. Through hands-on trial and error, our team has developed Penguin-safe link building techniques through manual link building and link attraction that involves strong, well-researched content.

If link building is recognized by our team as an important ranking signal for your particular industry and competitive climate, our SEO link building service can help you build, clean, and strengthen your website’s link profile. If you are unsure if link building is a concern for your particular website, please contact our team. We will be happy to provide a comprehensive link audit.

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Penguin Penalty Removal

If you suspect your site has been hit with a Penguin penalty in its many updates over the years, we can help you. The Techwood Digital team is well-trained in identifying potentially harmful and unnatural backlink tactics. Most of the time, it is about how your entire backlink profile stacks up together, ensuring that links come in a variety of forms, sources, and anchor types.

For more information on safe link building tactics or a link profile audit, please contact us here and we will reach out to you within 24 hours. We are eager to learn about your business and help transform your SEO strategy into one that generates traffic and grows your business.