AdAge: 80 Ad Execs Predict 2024 Industry Trends

Acadia CEO, Jared Belsky, was recently featured among 80 top ad executives to predict 2024 marketing and advertising industry trends for AdAge.

You can read a snippet of the article and Jared's predictions below. The article can be read in its entirety on AdAge.

80 Ad Execs Predict 2024 Industry Trends 

Industry insiders polled by Ad Age forecast more AI disruption, economic woes  and a tumultuous year with the US elections on the horizon 

More AI disruption, social will continue to rise in importance, the U.S. elections will  upend advertising; these are some of the predictions for 2024 Ad Age gathered from  industry executives. 

While we have no crystal ball to predict exactly what advertising trends and events will  shape 2024, it’s always helpful to get a sense of what top executives are thinking about  heading into the new year. So, we asked industry leaders in the ad business to predict  what the year 2024 might bring based on their knowledge of current issues and trends.  Here we present those takes from 80 top executives. 

Jared Belsky, CEO and co-founder, Acadia 

2024 will be the year we see “Retail Media Island” come closer to mainland digital  advertising. This will happen in several ways. First, we will see more budget fluidity with  retail media and digital media budgets starting to be planned together. Second, we will  see more RFPs demanding that retail media, performance media and overall media  come together because of pressures on budgets and fees. Third, we will see  organizationally the retail media and marketplaces teams come closer to broader  marketing teams, versus being tucked into sales organizations. Fourth, we will see  agencies finally realize they need to organize better here and have true expertise to  offer clients, versus a repurposed “search guy” now wearing an Amazon hat.

Jared Belsky