A New Beginning. Launch Day!

Jared Belsky Leadership

Today is a big day. Today, August 17th, 2021, we launch Acadia as an elite digital marketing platform that helps mid-market companies scale. Acadia has proudly brought together three incredible companies, founders, and teams via acquisition, including Techwood Digital, Nicely Built, and Imagine Media. It launches with 65 employees, servicing challenger-oriented growth clients such as Greenlight, Pipette Baby, Natura Wines, Nasdaq, Credo, Amore Pacific, FirstHoney, Grubbly Farms, and Poppy. Acadia’s headquarters is Atlanta-based.

Acadia itself will pledge its resources and time to be a force of good and ensure we live our core values (Can-Do, Curiosity, Candor, and Community) at all times, incredibly when it’s not convenient. Our commitment to our employees is that this will be the most significant chapter of their careers. They will be heard, challenged, and be part of a culture that focuses on continuous learning and growth.

As a particular part of the Acadia business model and to create a culture of alignment with clients, Acadia will be investing in some of our high-growth clients, emphasizing sustainability and making the community better. The first co-investment is Grubbly Farms—a high-growth, Atlanta-based DTC darling focused on Sustainable Pet Food, run by two very principled founders in Sean Warner and Patrick Pittaluga.

Sean, Chad, Jack, Margot, Natasha, Margot, and Shantel, and I are so humbled by how willing you have been to jump in, assume the best, trust, and see opportunity. We have heard great feedback on what we are building from clients, employees, and industry friends, and it means a ton to us. We want to make sure we have appropriate ambition and do a lot with this rare opportunity. So, we will strive to create opportunity, meaning, and connection for the communities we serve.

If you are a client reading this, we thank you for trusting that everyone at Acadia will strive to ensure we help you in every way possible to grow. If you are an employee reading this, thank you for being part of this amazing journey, and we promise you we will think about you and your careers every single minute of the day.

If anyone has feedback to create a more meaningful experience for you as an employee or client, please reach out to me at jared@acadia.io or anyone on the leadership team.


We are filled with major gratitude,

Jared, Sean, Chad, Natasha, Margot, Shantel and Jack

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