2024 Retail Media & Marketplaces Outlook


Explore insights from Acadia's 9 retail media & marketplaces experts. Dive into topics like Amazon Marketing Cloud, Instacart advertising, AI-driven personalization, off-site ads, and the evolving landscape of retail operations. Stay ahead in 2024 with expert perspectives and predictions.

What you'll read in our guide:

  • Amazon Marketing Cloud: Uncover customer journey data for precise advertising strategies.
  • Instacart Advertising: Explore innovations in the popular grocery delivery marketplace.
  • AI in Shopping Experience: Personalize shopping journeys with AI and machine learning.
  • Off-Site Ads on Amazon: Cost-effective brand awareness beyond Amazon's site.
  • Diversifying Sales Channels: Embrace off-Amazon tactics for increased sales.
  • Logistics Evolution: Adapt logistics with Amazon's operational changes.
  • Branded vs. Non-Branded Performance: Analyze digital shelf competition dynamics.
  • Subscriptions for Replenishable Products: Prioritize subscribe & save for predictable sales.
  • Creative Assets and Branding: Tailor creative solutions for diverse markets and products.
  • Personalization with AI: Utilize AI for targeted advertising and content delivery.

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