The Great Retail Media Dilemma: Will You Prioritize Growth or Profitability?

Dive deep into the dynamic discussion led by industry experts Kiri Masters, Head of Retail Marketplace Strategy at Acadia, and Umer Paracha, Director of eCommerce & Growth at Lansinoh. Explore the pivotal question: "Will You Prioritize Growth or Profitability?" as they navigate the delicate balance in retail media.

Meet the Speakers:

2024-04-05 22_23_24-Digital Shelf Summit - Acadia _ Lansinoh

Discover Lansinoh's evolution over the past decade, navigating the delicate balance between profitability and growth amidst changing market dynamics.

Uncover the challenges faced by eCommerce leaders and explore strategic solutions to optimize performance and drive results.

Gain actionable strategies to segment your assortment, allocate media investments effectively, and utilize fit-for-purpose performance metrics to fuel growth.

Empower Your Strategy:

Access the comprehensive toolkit provided by Acadia's campaign management framework, equipped with campaign tagging, daily performance tracking, and strategic reallocation against plan.

Stay Engaged:

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