The Amazon Maturity Matrix – 6 Factors That Drive Results On Amazon

About The Research

The Amazon Maturity Matrix: 6 factors that drive results on Amazon

Research by Bobsled Marketing, An Acadia Company

Operating a successful Amazon sales channel is challenging. Operating requirements, new advertising tactics, customer demands, and competitive pressures all move at a breakneck speed. Sometimes it feels like achieving your Amazon targets is outside of your control.

But what if we told you that many of the success factors actually originate inside your own company? That the most critical drivers of success are often internal, and therefore within your control?

We call this the Amazon Maturity Matrix, a framework that helps brands to measure where they are on their Amazon journey, from the inside out.

This framework is based on:

  • Analysis of a cohort of 100 clients at Bobsled Marketing to understand their strengths and weaknesses relative to their Amazon sales channel, and how those mapped to commercial outcomes

  • Observational input from our team of 14 client-facing Amazon account managers & specialists. Across nearly 7 years of managing hundreds of brands on Amazon at Bobsled Marketing, we have seen all types of brands with all levels of ability, and how these drivers play out over time

  • Self-assessments from 20 clients across product categories, providing a benchmark for our early analysis


About the Authors

This project was led by Founder & CEO Kiri Masters and brought to life with the contributions of the Bobsled Team.

Client Project Managers Tamra Fisher, Caroline Adams, and Gary Hammerschlag, as well as Account Specialist Angela Gjorgjieska, conducted the research and analysis for this report.

Created by a highly experienced and knowledgeable client-facing team and refined by a thought leader in the space, this research will enable you to act strategically and with confidence.