The 4 Stages of Media Measurement Maturity – Free Guide

Media measurement is the foundation for making successful marketing decisions. You can’t know how to allocate your budget until you have deep, specific insights into a) the business metrics and audiences being driven by marketing and b) the profitability of channels and campaigns.

Brands know they need to rely on a mix of marketing channels. But without strategic measurement, they don’t have a sense of how well each channel is working. How many leads is your email list generating? How many sales are your paid ads generating?  

That’s where media measurement comes in. 

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In this free analytics measurement guide, you’ll learn:

  • What is media measurement? 
  • The four stages of measurement maturity: Mastering digital measurement, market level impact, digital and offline customer ID resolution, and media mix modeling
  • Various business questions you can resolve with better measurement
  • How media measurement can improve the efficiency of marketing spend, by focusing your efforts on the right customers and the right messaging for those customers
  • How segmentation and predictive modeling can illuminate who your customer is - and how they will behave 

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