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Our Commitment to Helping Brands Stand Out on Amazon

Once upon a time, brands could only add a few images and plain text to their Amazon product pages. There were no brand “stores” and the only self-serve ads were Sponsored Product ads. Those times have changed, and brands are creating immersive experiences for their customers on Amazon. 

Amazon is not just a distribution channel, it’s a marketing channel too. 

Our Amazon Premium Content Swipe File

We know that many brands have an issue when it comes to their Amazon brand and product content. They don’t know what options are available and are likely not maximizing all the available capabilities that Amazon has added over time. That’s why we created our Amazon brand content swipe file. Our swipe file provides inspiration for brands with examples of best-in-class brand content on Amazon. This includes Premium A+ pages, Amazon stores, video ads, brand story modules, and above the fold product page content.

Amazon Store Examples from Large and Small Brands

Our Amazon brand content swipe file includes examples from both large brands with big budgets and smaller brands that are being clever yet economical with their content. This helps to provide inspiration for brands with all budgets and resources, so you’re sure to find something that works for you.

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Amazon product positioning that is accessible

Our Amazon brand content swipe file also scores each piece of content according to its complexity in execution. This helps you to understand what content is within your reach now, versus investments you may need to make in the future. So you can deliver great content to your customers and tell your brand’s story without breaking the bank.

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About the author

Julian Galindo is a Retail Marketplaces Account Manager at Acadia. Julian is passionate about graphic design and brand storytelling. His clients at Acadia include Totes Isotoner and VOSS.