Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)

Amazon is one of the most data-rich organizations in the world in terms of access to shopper profiles, habits, and transactions. But these insights have been stored inside a ‘walled garden’. Until now. Amazon Marketing Cloud finally gives brands access to a treasure trove of customer and advertising data that can answer important business questions, improve the efficiency of advertising efforts, and reveal the ideal path to purchase.

We are the first agency to combine deep Amazon advertising expertise with deep analytics capabilities: two skill sets necessary to unlock the power of AMC.

How Acadia Helps Brands With AMC



Data comes out of AMC as a data dump. We organize the data into dashboards and visuals that pull important insights out from the data and allow brands to make better budgeting decisions.


A Team of Analytics Professionals

The real treasure within AMC data can only be accessed with SQL queries. Within our agency, we have a team of data analysts with deep experience in this area who understand how to pull those insights out. Submitting first-party data from your own DTC site or retail site is also possible and unlocks a whole new world of opportunity for tracking the customer journey across platforms.


Implementing the Insights

Simply having the insights is not enough - brands need to know how to put these to use and adjust their advertising strategy. We use insights from AMC to test new approaches using Amazon DSP and PPC advertising and prove the incremental value of advertising strategies.

What Happens Next?

It all starts with a discovery call to determine fit and then we create a strategic plan. If you like our ideas, we get to work executing them and meet with you quarterly to ensure the strategy is aligned with your changing business and the changing landscape.

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Our Work With Clients


"We have been working with Acadia (formerly Bobsled), and analyzing the AMC data - it's exciting to look at it.

How does the shopper engage with us, when do they disengage, and what's turning them off.

Ad units and how they compare to one another, and then in addition to that, a lift in incrementally.

What are we doing on our DTCs that's impacting a shopper who's looking at us on Amazon or vice versa.

We've never had any understanding of what the journey is, so even beginning to look at some of that data, has been really fascinating."

Katie Buzcek

Totes Isotoner

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