Acadia Acquires CRO Agency

Move allows Acadia to guarantee clients increases in website sales.

We are proud to share that Acadia, has acquired, a leader in conversion rate optimization (CRO). helps clients get more productivity out of their website by increasing conversion rate and generating more sign-ups, sales, or subscriptions. This CRO service comes with a money-back guarantee – if the service doesn’t deliver twice its fee in revenue over the first four months, Acadia returns the investment.

“Too much of the industry is focused on driving traffic when the right focus should be on turning traffic into consumers, customers, subscribers and clients,” said Jared Belsky, co-founder and CEO of Acadia. “By helping clients with conversion rate optimization, we can now complete the transaction cycle that media is meant to feed. That’s mission critical when media costs more, people spend less per purchase, and macroeconomic pressures weigh on marketing resources.”

CRO takes Acadia a giant step toward its goal to be the middle marketer’s full-service digital agency. It’s an essential service most companies don’t have access to; it shifts the focus from the starting line (attention) to the finish line (sales); and it can increase the performance of Acadia’s overall digital service portfolio.

“CRO is the thing you do that elevates everything you do,” said Belsky. “You can’t get there by adding a person; you need a dedicated, specialized team. That’s why it’s so hard for clients to achieve on their own.”


Acadia CRO can take an uncommonly detailed approach because the Split Testing team has decades of experience. CEO Nick Harris brings nearly two decades of CRO experience to the fold along with a team of 25 developers and experts in QA, data science, user experience, and design. Harris’ team improves and evolves a client’s online experience using such techniques as heat-mapping, A/B Testing, UX behavioral design, front-end development, and quantitative data analytics.

“As part of Acadia, we can bring CRO clients more powerful pre-click marketing support,” said Harris. “And we can provide Acadia’s digital media clients the ultimate fulfillment they’re chasing. That creates a one-two punch everyone needs but almost no one has.”

Acadia’s culture proved an attraction rod for founder Dylan Ander, who will serve as an advisor to Acadia. "From our first call it was clear Jared and Sean take care of their team the way we do,” said Ander. “Acadia does great work for clients, but their culture is what sealed the deal for us.”

It’s a proud day for Acadia. We continue to work to figure out new services to bring to market that help our clients achieve their growth goals. As media costs rise and average order values are under pressure, conversion is one of the last frontiers to bring the fight to. We are excited to get to know our new friends at and to provide a lot of value to our clients and the marketplace.

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