Acadia Earns ‘Best Place to Work’ Honors for Second Consecutive Year

In an industry that is known for employee turnover as high as 40%, Acadia is proud to be considered a top place to work by its own staff. Not only as a fast-growing digital marketing agency always looking for future talent, but for our clients who know that happy, engaged agency partners will deliver superior work.


Last week, Acadia was once again recognized as one of the best places to work in Atlanta. The Atlanta Business Chronicle ranked Acadia the 15th best medium-size company (50-99 employees) out of 100 within the category. Acadia was voted one of the Best Places to Work in this category in 2022 as well. 

Rankings are compiled by Omaha, Nebraska-based Quantum Workplace surveyed its workers to find those organizations where employees are the most engaged. Surveyed employees were asked about benefits, employee engagement, room for growth, recognition for success, and culture among others. 


Acadia is headquartered in Atlanta, GA but has the majority of its employees working remotely, spanning from Toronto to Perth. Hybrid working is just as important to Acadia’s culture as our in-office team. Allowing Acadia to hire experts in their fields regardless of where they live.

"Acadia is honored to again be recognized as one of the top places to work,” says Acadia CEO and Co-Founder Jared Belsky. “It brings Sean and I, and the entire Acadia leadership team a tremendous amount of joy that our employees feel our culture here provides them support, opportunities, and recognition. Our four core values,  Community, Curiosity, Candor, and Can-Do, are how we hire, work with our partners, and make everyday decisions. I am pleased that these values continue to inspire our employees and our work, and look forward to seeing what Acadia will accomplish in the years to come.  Make no doubt about it, we understand we can always get better.  We look at the survey data, we listen to manager feedback, and we are not yet done improving.  I think it's that desire we all have to get better every day that is the engine room for how Acadia stays special.  Thank you all so much."

TiAnna Conway, People and Opportunity Manager at Acadia, receiving the honors
TiAnna Conway, People and Opportunity Manager at Acadia, receiving the honors

Here are some of the attributes that Acadia employees anonymously highlighted in their responses:

  1. Sense of Community
    “The community among coworkers, the level of output in regard to performance, and the overall achieved success are very high.”
    “The company's culture is truly remarkable, celebrating our collective growth and prioritizing the well-being of its greatest asset: its people.”
  2. Professional Development
    “Employees do not only see a future here but it is clear what needs to be done in order to achieve that future.“
    “I appreciate the constant challenges that push me to grow, while also receiving the necessary support and confidence to try something new.”
  3. Core Values
    “The culture at Acadia is built on trust and everyone here responds well to that. We trust each other to do the best job we can and because of that people are motivated to consistently achieve a high level of service.”
    “The level of transparency from the top down is like I have never seen in a company.”

Since its founding in 2021, Acadia brought a number of incredible businesses (Techwood, Bobsled Marketing, Nicely Built, Imagine Media, Lift361 and Shopfluency, and and these founders came together rallying around four core values: Community, Curiosity, Candor and Can-Do. 

“These core values inform how we hire, what clients we work with, and just about every decision we make,” says Belsky. “They live in our Slack channels, they live in our on-boarding, they live in our town-halls. Our goal is to remind the industry that greatness is not just about great results delivered, but also how they get delivered.”

You can find out more about Acadia’s current openings by visiting our careers page or follow us on Linkedin

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