Lift361 and ShopFluency are now part of Acadia

Team Acadia Leadership

Acadia acquires sophisticated data, analytics and 1P data segmentation capability to benefit its Mid-Market clients seeking to grow and win in their markets.

Today we are very proud to announce yet more exciting news for Acadia, an elite digital growth platform.  This time we are announcing the acquisition of Lift361, an Atlanta based analytics and marketing database management entity.  Lift361 provides critical services like data science, audience segmentation, first party marketing database creation, marketing/media dashboards, and attribution.  In this transaction, we are also acquiring a critical piece of SaaS technology, focused on 1P audience segmentation and augmentation, called ShopFluency. This powerful technology allows brands to find hard-to-reach best fit customers, and then enable that data-set for direct export into Facebook, Instagram, Google and other platforms.  Finally, real-time dashboards allow for the monitoring and measuring of these superior audiences to track lift which is typically seen to be 15-30% over typical segments.  “This technology serves as an antidote to help bend the current downward efficacy curve of facebook/instagram by shedding light on new and more profitable customer cohorts to target,” added Jared Belsky

Acadia’s CEO and co-founder, Jared Belsky, noted that “this acquisition is about listening to our client’s needs.  We hear time and time again that our clients are wanting to create dashboards, to do sophisticated audience segmentation analysis, to spin up enterprise-grade 1P customer databases, and to perform advanced forecasting. Acquiring Lift361 and its fantastic team will allow us to deliver these important services right away. There is already a lot of trust built between the two organizations.”  Seth Hirsch, President of Lift361 noted, “we realized we would be able to do even more for our clients by joining Acadia.  Our customers are looking for any and every opportunity to grow in this competitive and challenging environment, and being close to the performance marketing experts at Acadia provide an incredible advantage to our current and future customers.”

Acadia has incredible momentum brewing right now, and we are doing it while staying true to our employees, clients, community, core values, and culture.  With this acquisition, we are now 100 employees strong, working in concert to help clients grow, and to improve the communities we serve.

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