Most Useful Tools and Software for Amazon Sellers

The right marketing software can set any brand up for success. Choosing the perfect program to help sellers with PPC and non-PPC marketing campaigns is imperative for substantial growth. With so many new Amazon FBA toolkits for sellers entering the market each week, it’s getting harder to choose the best one.

If there’s one thing our Bobsled experts know, it’s that brands can greatly benefit from a solution that offers exclusive insights, raw data analytics, automated keyword research, and much more. That’s why our recommendations have landed us on the Inc. 5000 list and given us a voice in Business Insider.

We know that the right marketing strategy can help your brand generate new impressions while seeing upward growth (check out our case study on Amazon itself).  From Helium10 to Analytics Index, Bobsled’s digital marketing experts Tamra Fisher and Manny Akpan cover some of the most useful tools and software for Amazon sellers to take advantage of ASAP.


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Non-PPC Tools for Amazon Sellers

The marketing solutions you use to generate new campaigns can contain everything you need to earn higher profits on your products. Keep in mind that the tools that work well for one brand may not work well for another.

We have included a list of our favorite non-PPC and PPC-based marketing campaign software and tools with key features and advantages that surpass other programs.


1. Helium10




Helium10 is a software solution that provides tools to help sellers start, run, and grow their business on Amazon. But that’s only the beginning: there are intuitive built-in features that can help any brand fine-tune a custom campaign.


Key Features

  • Product Research. A built-in tool searches over 450 million products in seconds, helping you find the best inventory for your business. You can identify sales trends, find revenue estimates, and determine the profitability of a new product.
  • Keyword Research. Helium10 will help you discover high-volume keywords that put you at the top of search results. Uncover competitors’ strategies and identify misspelled terms that you can take advantage of.
  • Listing Optimization. Organize and process keywords into easy-to-use lists for copywriting. Automatic input tracking can identify words you might otherwise miss, ensuring visibility at all stages of the funnel.
  • Operations. There is a wide range of automatic tools, from alerts to seller reimbursement requests to ensure every part of the business continues to run smoothly.
  • Analytics. Use the profit, market, and keyword tracker tools to understand your account health - and take action when needed.


Learn more about Helium10.


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2. JungleScout

Another popular choice for brands big and small, JungleScout is a platform ideal for finding, launching, and selling products on Amazon. It works well for both first-timers and existing sellers.


Key Features

  • Keyword Research. Uncover high-demand, low-competition keywords with an easy search feature.
  • Tracking. Track and monitor products over time to spot trends, unexpected spikes, and seasonal changes. Don’t skip a beat with alerts and timers to keep you on track.
  • Trend Identifications. Identify trends and use insights to drive product development strategy.
  • Research Opportunities. Track historical sales, bestseller ranks, reviews, ratings, and opportunity scores to find profitable product opportunities.

Learn more about JungleScout.


3. Analytic Index


analytic index


Analytic Index is a newer player in the eCommerce business intelligence space. A solution that adds a boost to brand strategy, it helps brands understand where their products can be found and sold across marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart, and Target, and how their search and performance compare with competitors. Essentially, Analytic Index offers comprehensive capabilities and industry knowledge to help solve complex eCommerce problems.


Key Features

  • Market Visibility. Gain full visibility into the eCommerce market landscape and learn about opportunities that will increase your growth and category shares on the digital shelf.
  • Ecommerce Search Intelligence. This tool helps a brand identify and track high-value Organic and Paid keywords. Promote items based on market opportunities and events.
  • Action Items. Provide insights and gain actionable recommendations that will actively increase sales and allow you to track results in real-time.

Learn more about Analytic Index.


4. ZonGuru

While a little newer on the market, ZonGuru receives rave reviews from beginner and experienced Amazon brands when you want to expand into new marketplaces. It’s an all-in-one seller’s tool that provides powerful data insights and automation that will help you grow your Amazon business.


Key Features

  • Listing Optimizer. Craft listings that will drive traffic and conversions for your brand.
  • Keywords Spotlight. You’ll find back-end keywords that your competition is using so you can formulate your own keyword campaign around it.
  • Sales Spy. A handy tool that helps you track sales for any Amazon product.
  • Love-Hate Analysis. Click on the “Love-Hate” feature to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a product, as well as how to differentiate your catalog from all the rest.

Learn more about Zonguru.


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PPC Tools for Amazon Sellers

Looking to merge new marketing strategies with built-in PPC campaigns? Many toolkits and software solutions for organic marketing can be used in PPC marketing as well. Take a look at some of the most recommended PPC-specific marketing tools and discover even more online advertising success.


1. Helium10

That’s right; Helium10 is on the list twice! It is so dynamic that it can be used as both a PPC and non-PPC campaign management tool. It supports sellers and marketers before and throughout their seller journey on Amazon. This tool provides sellers with various insights through a whole suite of tools, helping sellers develop strategies to drive growth on Amazon.


Key Features

  • ASIN Grabber. Also known as the X-Ray tool, the ASIN grabber allows sellers to quickly download the ASINs that appear in search results. These can easily be used as targets in PPC campaigns.
  • Cerebro. Do you see your toughest competitor and want to know what keywords they are ranking for? Cerebro will identify these keywords as well as some other nearby competitors for you to be aware of.
  • Magnet. Magnet lets you build on a core set of keywords when you enter them into the Magnet tool. This will then find long-tail keywords and associated keywords to expand your PPC targets.

Learn more about Helium10.


2. Pacvue


unnamed (2)-1


A well-rounded enterprise platform for brands, Pacvue helps brands, sellers and agencies manage all types of eCommerce advertising. A solution that is consistently first-to-market with advanced features to serve brands across channels and global marketplaces, Pacvue offers automation, robust reporting functionality, and data analytics.


Key Features

  • Scalable Amazon Campaigns. A multitude of tools allows sellers and marketers to create Amazon PPC campaigns at scale and view PPC data in multiple dimensions.
  • Automated Bidding Strategy. Create your own automated bidding and budget strategy rule sets to automate ongoing optimization processes across all of your campaigns. This custom budget strategy can be applied to accounts and marketplaces as well.
  • Multiple Views. Visualize your data in multiple views by ad format, metric correlation, and time frames.

Learn more about Pacvue.


3. Amazon Brand Analytics

Any brand or individual seller who has a Seller Central account has probably dabbled in Amazon Brand Analytics. As an individual tool, it contains valuable information and provides insights to help brands make the best marketing decisions. Unlike the others on this list, Amazon Brand Analytics is integrated with the Seller Central account so brands can manage all Amazon activities from the same dashboard.


Key Features

  • First Party Insights. Get trustworthy data directly from Amazon, without the need for any third-party program.
  • Competitor Research. Identify the top 3 clicked and converted ASINs for a search term. Add new targets to your campaigns or inform bidding decisions when you find out more about the sellers around you.
  • Keyword Research. Keyword research features can help you find the products most frequently bought alongside your own products, so you can target new items for your inventory.

Learn more about Amazon Brand Analytics in your Seller Central portal.

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