Acadia Launches Dedicated Unit

The expansion of Acadia's marketplace practice with a unit was covered by LBBOnline on 23 Oct 2023.

Acadia responds to the retail media boom by launching a dedicated unit for

Julie Spear, partner and head of retail marketplace Services at Acadia, highlights the broader scope beyond Amazon, emphasizing Acadia's expertise in pet-centric strategies: “We are constantly adding new retail networks to our specialized offering and Chewy has a one-of-a-kind audience that is important to many of our client partners.”

The agency's holistic approach, extending from advertising to analytics, positions them to navigate Chewy's unique audience. Leveraging Pacvue's partnership, Acadia aims to deliver optimal results across diverse retail landscapes.

Read the full article: "Acadia Launches Dedicated Unit" in LBBOnline on 23 Oct 2023.

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Julie Spear