Amazon Backend Keywords: Tips and Mistakes

RossMany Amazon sellers struggle with the topic of backend keywords. It can be difficult to differentiate between best practices and things that will actually undermine your SEO performance.

With that in mind, Bobsled’s Team Lead Ross Walker has outlined the most important do’s and don’ts below. Read on to find out if your backend keyword game is on point!


Backend Keywords


Amazon Seller Backend Keywords Tips

1) Add all relevant keywords from your research that you couldn’t fit into title/bullets/descriptive copy

2) Utilize the search term optimizer tool in the Brand Dashboard and be sure to use the maximum character limit (249 characters)


search term operator


3) Your PPC campaigns are a treasure trove. Incorporate strong performing PPC search terms into the backend of relevant products

campaign type
4) Include spelling variations, synonyms and abbreviations
5) Include second language versions of your top keywords (eg. Spanish terms in the US)
6) Mine product reviews and social media chatter about your product line/category for keywords frequently used by your customers
7) Use a reverse ASIN lookup tool (e.g. Helium 10 Cerebro) to find the keywords that your competitors are ranking organically for and include them in the backend

Bobsled has a lot of useful free content about backend keyword optimization and Amazon SEO. If you’re interested in doing a deep dive on the topic, check out the below articles:


Amazon Seller Backend Keyword Mistakes

1) Do NOT duplicate keywords that you have already used on your product page content – use the ASIN Search Terms Optimization Details tool to see where you can improve instead


ASIN search term optimization


2) Do not include misspellings/plurals for singular terms (helps avoid irrelevant traffic)

3) Do not include ASINs or SKUs
4) Do not include other brand names
5) Do not use temporary modifiers (new, on sale) or subjective claims (best, cheapest)
6) Do not include abusive or offensive terms
7) Do not use punctuation or capital letters



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