Planting the seeds: How to get your brand indexed in conversational AI results

As AI becomes increasingly popular, it's no longer just a tool for enhancing productivity but also a driving force in customers' decision-making processes.

Search engines like Google and Bing have introduced sophisticated AI query capabilities. And retailers like Instacart and Amazon are also planning AI capabilities for their websites and apps, allowing AI to help filter results and make recommendations.

Consumers are beginning to use these tools to discover, research, compare, and ultimately make buying decisions.

This creates significant opportunities for some brands and products to be surfaced in the AI results - and for less fortunate brands to be buried.
How can marketers ensure their brand wins? The answer is to master the art of embedding your brand within AI’s training data, and ensure your brand and products are being surfaced in AI results.


Embrace the Future of Marketing – By Understanding Where AI Models Source Their Content

Conversational AI is now being integrated into search engines and retailer websites, making it essential for brands to understand how to influence AI effectively.

Our exclusive white paper from Acadia covers everything you need to know about influencing generative AI, including:

  • Which information sources various AI models are using to generate their answers
  • Organic vs. paid visibility for AI models
  • Is there still a place for traditional SEO?
  • The role of social media in AI content
  • Implications for retail brands and retail media
  • Strategies for indexing your brand for key terms and queries within AI models
  • What the future will look like and how to prepare your brand for it
  • A checklist of actions for marketers to take

Future-Proof Your Brand

Its not enough to consider AI your marketing intern. By understanding AI learns and leveraging its capabilities, you can influence AI algorithms to work in your favor. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your marketing strategy and stay ahead of your competitors.

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planting seeds

It's time to move beyond simply using AI as a productivity tool and start considering it as a tool used by your customers to make buying decisions. Get our white paper to unlock the secrets of influencing AI and revolutionize your marketing approach.

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We also presented the key concepts of this white paper in a webinar on August 16. Watch the recording in which several of the report authors shared how brands can ensure their products and services are indexed by conversational AI, as more discovery and consideration activity shifts to these platforms over time.