The Importance of Personalized Marketing

The way marketers connect with their target audience is evolving to meet consumer preferences. Through personalized marketing, you can interact with your followers and customers in ways that create a sincere connection by paying attention to their interests, personalities, and preferences. This approach can be executed in a variety of different ways, including email marketing campaigns, personalized and targeted ads, and custom content.

Consumers are saturated with content, and it’s easy for your message to get lost in the noise. In order to make your content stand out, it must be valuable and relevant to individual consumers. By talking directly and personally to your audience, it will be easier to focus on what is important to them as individuals and win them over for your brand.

Customers are beginning to expect personalization more and more. In December 2019, 31% of consumers stated that they wished their shopping experiences were more personalized, and only 22% of consumers were satisfied with the current level of personalization (via Piesync from Hubspot). Personalization helped 61% of markets accomplish more successful customer experiences. These statistics prove that consumers are wanting personalization across all aspects of their products and services, specifically catered to their interests and needs.
Here are a few strategies that your business can use to achieve effective personalization.


Customers expect to receive answers to their questions promptly. Throughout the consumer experience, ask yourself what the customer is looking for, and make sure you have an easily accessible answer to that question. You can experiment with a survey to discover what the consumers want to know. If you already have their personal details and searching behavior, you may have the ability to predict what they are going to be looking for in the future. Once they have your product, what add-ons will they need? Would they consider an updated or new version of your product or service? Look into what they are currently consuming from you, and deliver more of what they love. If they already own your product or subscribe to your service, promote the newer versions or updated services. It’s important to stay present with the current needs of consumers, but also anticipate future demands of the market.


One-on-one attention is especially important if your product or services are accessed through multiple touchpoints. It’s essential that the channels flow consistently so that your users are getting a positive service experience. Personalization can be tricky to keep track of when working across various devices or channels, but it’s important to know how your potential customers have interacted with the organization so that you can tailor the customer service experience for each consumer, and they feel a strong connection to the brand.

Ready to get started? Here are two tools for personalization:


Collect as much information about your consumers and potential customers as possible. Track their habits, consumer behavior, and what they are looking for in a particular brand in your market. When you understand their interests and preferences, targeted content and advertising will gain more traction for the brand. To do this, collect small amounts of data over a period of time instead of requesting too much information all at once. Most users are not willing to spend time filling out a long survey, but do not mind answering one or two questions periodically.


After you have compiled consumer and user data, you can use this information to create marketing personas that will better define your audience. Look at the data points on lots of factors, including age, income, interests, shopping habits, incentives, and what information users respond to. Use these specific details to create a persona of what your target audience may look like. This will help you more specifically meet the needs of your followers.

By collecting data, making target personas, anticipating the future needs of customers, and understanding how they have interacted with you, personalized marketing will allow your business to craft and deliver messages that are relatable and relevant to the target audience. Are you ready to win over your customers with a targeted strategy? Get in touch with our team to learn more about building relationships online.

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