Acadia is an Amazon Advanced Partner

Each year, Amazon recognizes the accomplishments of top-performing digital advertising partners globally by awarding Advanced Partner status as part of the Amazon Partner Network program. 

As an Amazon Ads advanced partner, Acadia has earned this prestigious title through November 29, 2024. This status grants your company exclusive benefits, including the advanced partner badge, specialized training on product releases and key retail events, as well as dedicated account management.

Advanced partner badge

We take pride in achieving this exclusive "badge," but what does it mean for our team and clients?

In this blog post, we'll elaborate on what it means to be an Amazon Advanced Partner, the advantages of collaborating with one, and the significance of this certification for our clients.

What Is an Amazon Advanced Partner?

An Amazon Advanced Partner is a digital agency certified by Amazon as meeting specific criteria. These requirements encompass high customer satisfaction scores, expertise in Amazon Ads, demonstrated success with client campaigns, proficient management of large or intricate accounts, adherence to best practices, and a commitment to staff training on the latest industry developments. Additionally, it involves managing a substantial advertising spend.

By fulfilling these criteria, Acadia has earned the esteemed title of "Amazon Advanced Partner" – a distinguished recognition in the realm of digital marketing.

Benefits to our clients of partnering with an Amazon Advanced Agency

When you choose to work with a certified agency like ours, you gain access to exclusive resources, including advanced training materials, consumer insights reports, early access to beta products, and more. Our agency receives not only standard account and technical support from Amazon but also direct communication with Amazon sales and product leadership.

Advanced partners are also entitled to receive advertising credits for new clients' budgets on the Amazon Ads platform.

Being part of this select group ensures that our clients receive the most advanced tools and insights available, facilitating the achievement of their goals with unprecedented speed.

Our team's dedication as an Amazon Advanced Agency

This certification showcases our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service for each of our clients. As part of this exclusive group, we adhere to higher standards in delivering results for our clients' campaigns.

Additionally, with Amazon, we embrace the element of gamification. The annual Advanced Partner Awards celebrate excellence in digital marketing, adding an exciting competitive edge among our fellow agency practitioners.

Above all, our team wears this badge with pride and strives diligently every day to meet the elevated standards set for us.

Team Acadia