Managed Services for Amazon Advertising

Are you seeking a partner to accelerate growth and profitability in your Amazon Advertising campaigns? Our managed service is meticulously designed for mid-market and enterprise scale brands, providing a comprehensive strategy and day-to-day execution to meet the demands of your competitive environment.

Acadia is an award-winning agency with deep retail media capabilities. With access to industry-leading analytics and best practices honed by one of the most experienced teams in the business, we will ensure that your Amazon PPC strategy is fully optimized for your goals.

A team with deep Amazon Advertising experience

With roots dating back to 2015, Acadia is a seasoned player in the Amazon advertising field. We've been refining our skills and harnessing our expertise long before retail media became a trend. Our journey began under the banner of Bobsled Marketing, a name that earned itself a place as a top 100 Amazon solution provider according to Marketplace Pulse.

However, we didn't rest on our laurels. Our ambitious Bobsled Marketing team merged with Acadia in February 2022, creating what is now known as the agency's Retail Media & Marketplaces practice.  Since then, Acadia has been recognized as an Ad Age Agency of the Year, an INC Best in Business award for Advertising agencies, and a top Amazon agency by Clutch.

This isn't an area we've ventured into on a whim. Acadia's Amazon Advertising department isn't just a side branch of a media agency's core services; instead, it's a thriving and expanding part of our wider agency.

As of 2023, Acadia's retail media and marketplace practice comprised 90+ dedicated retail specialists and account managers

An early and exuberant adopter of Amazon advertising tools

Acadia stands proud as an Amazon Advertising Advanced Partner, an accolade awarded to only the most exceptional solution providers, reflecting our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality advertising strategies on Amazon.

With foresight and innovation in our DNA, we embraced Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform) back in 2017, cementing our expertise in an area where many agencies are just beginning to gain traction.

Our pioneering spirit did not stop there; as early adopters of the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), we have honed a proficiency that others are only starting to explore. At Acadia, AMC is not merely a tool for reporting; it's woven into the fabric of our everyday operations, informing and guiding our tactical approaches and future actions. Check out our blog for Acadia’s AMC insights.

When you partner with us, you leverage a depth of experience and a history of innovation that sets your campaigns apart in the bustling Amazon marketplace.

A proud Pacvue partner


Acadia has chosen to partner with Pacvue, the premier ad-tech tool acclaimed throughout the retail media industry, to ensure our clients receive unparalleled results. By entrusting the technological heavy lifting to Pacvue's acclaimed ad-tech resources, we focus our efforts and your investment on what truly matters — results. Unlike others who may leave you to wrestle with implementation, Acadia takes full ownership of both the strategy and execution phase. Our dedicated Retail Media Managers are hands-on with your campaigns, expertly steering them towards success rather than simply guiding you through software workflows.

As one of Pacvue’s preferred agency partners in the mid-market sphere, Acadia is at the forefront, actively engaging with new beta tools and features, granting our clients early access to innovative capabilities. When you collaborate with us, you're not just getting a service; you're leveraging a proactive partnership that's continuously evolving, ensuring that your campaigns are not just current but ahead of the curve.

We are specialists in your category

While Acadia has worked with brands in almost every consumer goods category, we have especially deep expertise in these areas.


Grocery & CPG






Apparel & Fashion

Reporting that drives insights, not a to-do list

Acadia's Media Plan Dashboard, custom-built for each client
Acadia's Media Plan Dashboard, custom-built for each client

Many brands feel like they are drowning in data, but lacking true insights. It's our mission to transform a dizzying array of metrics and reports into a well-defined strategy for your brand.

Our alliance with Pacvue and other leading data providers grants us access to a plethora of comprehensive reports and deep insights. But we don’t just drop the numbers and run. Our key strength lies in the interpretation and application of this data back into your brand’s advertising strategy on Amazon. By merging our comprehensive reporting packages with our skill in strategic planning, we ensure your brand not only keeps up with the times, but leads the charge into the future.

Acadia assembles industry-leading reporting packages tailored to your brand's needs, relieving you from the burden of sourcing them yourself. Armed with these tools, we delve into the heart of your data, using the insights gleaned to shape your advertising strategy and drive decision-making in your marketing efforts.


We integrate reporting into our Amazon advertising management processes, including our PPC ‘Daily Watchdog’ report, which shows the impact of our advertising tactics on incremental sales, rather than just ad-attributed sales. The report tracks our budget and sales goals, as well as the allocation of Amazon ad

A partner with a point of view

Acadia places a high value on thought leadership. We take our collective learnings from working with hundreds of brands on Amazon advertising, and parlay these into striking thought leadership that is renowned in the industry. Our frameworks and thinking has been shared in publications like Ad Age, Media Post, Forbes, and Modern Retail. (Read here)


But we also apply those concepts daily in our work with clients. For example, Retail Media Allocation, a framework we first published in 2021 which was covered in Ad Age. We use this framework to help clients understand where to spend their next media dollar - on Amazon, Walmart, or a specialty retailer.

Our next-generation DSP metrics was also covered by Ad Age. Built from a deep conviction that ROAS alone is a poor performance metric, we identified 21 Amazon DSP metrics that are more suited to various stages of the consumer journey.

Read more about our work with Amazon Advertising in our client case studies.

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