Managed Services for Amazon Advertising

Are you looking for a partner to help drive better growth or profitability in your Amazon Advertising campaigns? Our managed service is specifically tailored to mid-market and enterprise scale brands, offering comprehensive strategy and day-to-day execution that your competitive environment demands.

With access to industry-leading analytics and best practices honed by one of the most experienced teams in the business, we will ensure that your Amazon PPC strategy is soundly running. Allow us to leverage our significant expertise and experience to help you make the most of your advertising budget and reach your goals on Amazon.

A team with real history

We’ve been honing our Amazon advertising capabilities since 2015, when our retail media & marketplaces team was known as Bobsled Marketing. Founded in 2015, Bobsled Marketing is renowned in the space for its thought leadership, experience-driven processes, and powerful results.

Bobsled was named a top 100 Amazon solution provider by Marketplace Pulse, and one of the top Amazon agencies by Business Insider. Bobsled’s founder, Kiri Masters, has written several books about Amazon and Instacart, and has been a regular contributor to the Forbes retail section since 2017.

Bobsled was one of the first agencies to acquire a dedicated seat on Amazon’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) in 2017, and is an Amazon Advertising Verified Partner.

The Bobsled Marketing team joined Acadia in February 2022, forming the agency’s Retail Media & Marketplaces practice.

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What Happens Next?

It all starts with a discovery call to determine fit and then we create a strategic plan. If you like our ideas, we get to work executing them and meet with you quarterly to ensure the strategy is aligned with your changing business and the changing landscape.

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Tech enabled efficiency

There are high-volume tasks that an algorithm is best suited to manage, and there is strategic thinking and context that only an experienced expert can provide. At Acadia, we leverage the industry-leading ad tech solution, Pacvue, to automate basic reporting, make rule-driven bid adjustments, and execute dayparting so your ad dollars are spent when they matter most.

We are aggressive early adopters of new Pacvue tools and features, and also use more of the solution’s features than most other users. But what’s important when using advertising technology is discernment. Does this feature deliver a better result than the baseline? Our tenure in the Amazon advertising world grants us the ability to harness the efficiency of technology, without taking orders from it.

Leveraging technology in the right way allows us to focus more time on strategy, integrating your Amazon advertising efforts with other growth efforts, identify arbitrage opportunities, develop thoughtful forecasts, and share insights to you and your executive team.

Our Work With Clients


“Every company leader should look into Acadia’s bespoke services. There are a lot of agencies out there in the Amazon space, but a select few show consistent and proven results. Acadia is one of them.”

Umer Paracha

Head of E-commerce and Digital Marketing at Lansinoh

Data-driven decision making

We use Amazon’s native reporting tools as a foundation. But we also partner with a best-in-class analytics package, unlocking a whole new level of reporting and insights that guide our growth strategy for each client.

This analytics suite allows us to perform sophisticated analysis like:

  • Benchmarking your brand within the competitive landscape
  • Organic trends of keywords
  • Longer range of data tracking than what’s available natively within Amazon
  • Paid & organic share of voice
  • Share of sponsorship by category and sub-category

The Amazon advertising funnel

Amazon does have the potential to be effective at all stages of the customer’s buying journey. Leveraging different ad types, keywords, and bidding tactics, we can develop a strategy that is built to drive category share growth or profitability.


A partner that you can trust

We'll own every aspect of your advertising strategy development and day-to-day account management, identify opportunities in your Amazon advertising strategy and capture the right type of traffic, profitably.

We go beyond Amazon PPC advertising! Learn about our Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) and Amazon Marketing Cloud managed services.

A partner with a point of view

We do hands-on-keyboard work, but not in isolation. Our team of retail media buyers are continuously sharing new developments and tools, auditing each others’ accounts, and synthesizing trends into best practices that filter down to superior performance for Acadia’s retail media clients.

Our proprietary frameworks, such as our 2021 work on Retail Media Allocation, have been featured in industry publications like Ad Age and the Path To Purchase Institute.

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