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At Acadia, an Atlanta PPC company, our team of experts uses a combination of advertising methods to deliver the utmost results for our clients. We are here to bring you the return on investment you are longing for. Not only do we offer expertise in paid search and paid social, but we also have specialists with years of experience in programmatic buying and Google shopping. That is just one of the ways Acadia separates itself from other Atlanta PPC agencies.  We also pride ourselves in our new client discovery process, where campaign strategy always begins with your business’s goals at the core. At Acadia, we understand that paid advertising can be overwhelming at first glance, and so we strive to make that process straightforward by laying out a step-by-step customized road map for each of our clients.


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Paid Media ROAS - Metrics that Matter

You can have the most perfect, complex, state-of-the-art campaign strategy, but without optimization, that ROAS you are aiming for becomes irrelevant. Having an Atlanta PPC agency to help with campaign optimization is the most efficient and dependable way to ensure your budget is used effectively to get the best return on ad spend for your business. Paid media strategy is in a state of constant change and requires a hands-on team to consider real-time analytics to detect shifts in customer behavior. Acadia prioritizes account optimization to ensure we provide the best ROAS for all campaigns. Looking at campaigns daily and using expert tracking, we can see how each campaign is performing, which allows us to optimize as we see fit.

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Why Invest in PPC?

PPC advertising allows businesses to effectively increase brand awareness, generate leads, and increase sales. However, without a comprehensive strategy, your budget can easily be wasted. If PPC is a marketing strategy you are looking to invest in, an Atlanta PPC agency like ours will bring long-term investment to your business. At Acadia, we have a skilled PPC division with expertise in both search engines and social networks. We are here to help advertisers like you strategize and launch cost-effective, high-performance campaigns. We invest in our clients and conduct an intense discovery process to ensure a high-level understanding of your customers that will get you the clicks you are aiming for.


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At Acadia, You Have a Direct Account Manager


We hear the frustration of clients with past experiences of not having reliable and consistent contact with their campaign manager. That is why we emphasize the importance of our dedicated account managers at Acadia. The main purpose of an account manager at Acadia is to serve as the client’s main point of contact. Oftentimes, there are several different people or even several different teams working on any one client. With that many people, it can become overwhelming to know who to contact. That is why you have an account manager assigned to you immediately. They will be in constant communication in order to assist you and ensure you are fully involved in your campaigns. Account managers also serve as the liaison between our experts and the client to ensure the client’s goals are understood and being met. Our account managers pride themselves on using candor, one of our core values, and being transparent and honest with each client to nourish that relationship. This is just one of the things that sets Acadia apart from other Atlanta PPC agencies. 

What Are the Benefits of Paid Media?

1. PPC Agency Expertise

Having a team of specialists who are trained in many aspects of the industry is a must when searching for an Atlanta PPC agency. Paid media experts should be up to date with new industry updates, trends, and the constantly evolving world of digital advertising. Acadia’s PPC team has years of combined experience in an array of industries, including high-profile clients, allowing them to plan and execute high-performing media campaigns. Our experts prioritize account optimization to ensure new traffic is constantly being generated and bids are effectively operating to ensure high-performance results for the client.

2. Multi-Platform + Full Funnel Strategies

At Acadia, we implement customized full-funnel marketing strategies that align with your business goals. These full-funnel strategies build brand awareness, generate traffic, and gain conversions. At the top of the funnel, we create awareness and allow people to familiarize themselves with your brand. As we move down the funnel, we go through the consideration and decision phase, aiming to get a conversion. In these phases, we apply the use of multiple platforms to reach a wider audience and increase brand visibility. Finally, our team emphasizes the last phase of the funnel, which is often overlooked- retention. Acadia uses expertise strategy to not only get conversions but keep existing and past customers engaged.

3. In House Creative Support

Acadia’s in-house studios, graphic designers, UX experts, and brand strategists come together to develop creative that drives customer acquisition. Often, we partner with clients’ in-house teams or creative assets. We originate compelling creative with brand guidelines that tap into audience passions, personas, and motivations. Our creative experts design appropriate messaging that understands buyer readiness to achieve peak performance. Performance creative lives at the intersection of KPI and innovation. Our approach to creativity is to understand your brand, understand your customer, and then bridge the gap in clever and unique ways that not only produce engagement, but ultimately lead a prospect to the desired outcome.

4. Strategies and Optimizations that Focus on Growth

Our full-suite digital marketing services deliver robust paid media strategies to clients. In our paid advertising division, the team tailors digital campaigns to meet client KPIs, achieve profitable ROI, and provide the necessary infrastructure and testing to support scalability and growth. One way Acadia can achieve this is through our refined remarketing services in which our experts use analytics and optimization techniques to attract past visitors back to your website. This induces long-term growth in attempts to gain brand loyalty and credibility. Acadia invests not only in our clients' immediate needs and goals, but also their long-term success in PPC advertising.

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How Acadia Can Accelerate Your PPC Growth

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Proven Track Record with High Profile Clients

Acadia has supported several Fortune 500 companies in helping them overcome industry challenges. Our approach, as an Atlanta PPC agency, is curated through years of industry experience and combined expertise. We have delivered account audits, provided personalized recommendations to increase ROAS, and have not only met, but exceeded paid media goals.

Dedicated Account Managers

At Acadia, we take pride in our devoted account managers who serve as the main point of contact for our clients. This allows for our clients to have direct communication without having to speak to multiple members of an agency which can be overwhelming. You will have access to speak to your dedicated account manager via email, through virtual meetings, and even in-person meetings to discuss your business needs, develop strategies, and answer questions. Acadia’s account managers prioritize building long-lasting relationships and improving client satisfaction. We value our clients and want to provide them with the best possible experience throughout their journey here at Acadia.


Multi-Industry Expertise

Acadia is an elite digital marketing agency that was brought together by years of multi-industry experience from incredible titans in each respective field. This multi-industry expertise is why we are a top Atlanta PPC agency for mid-market companies. Our team of PPC experts work with a variety of B2B and B2C clients across various industries including, but not limited to, travel, wellness, beauty, food, and retail. This allows for comprehensive knowledge of each industry to better serve current and future clients.

Multi-Platform Strategies

Multi-platform strategies are implemented with our PPC clients at Acadia to accelerate growth and reach a wider audience. Every platform has a unique audience and it is key to create campaigns specifically for that platform. Multi-platform strategy can be challenging, which is where Acadia’s experts come into play. Our PPC team at Acadia is composed of experts that are well versed on multiple platforms and stay up to date with platform changes and algorithms. Because these platforms are constantly evolving, our team must stay up to date on these topics to better accelerate our client’s growth.


Atlanta PPC FAQs

At Acadia, account optimization begins first by understanding your business offering, your clients, and your objectives for digital marketing efforts. Since this can vary wildly by business type, we begin by understanding what makes you and your customers unique and tailoring a strategy to fit.

Once we understand your business, clients, and goals, keyword research and/or audience development begins and a detailed strategy is laid out. Ongoing efforts are made to test audiences, test terms, add negatives and exclusions where needed, evaluate device and bid optimizations, and ensure in-depth conversion tracking to document the results of our campaigns. This process continues throughout the life of your account, fine-tuning to the desired results and business objectives.

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