Acadia’s Top 5 Retail Blogs of 2023 Revealing Strategic Insights, Reviews, and Amazon Excellence

In today's blog, we share the top 5 retail insights of 2023, spotlighting the most impactful articles that resonated with our audience. From scaling ad spend strategies by Ross Walker to navigating review options with Logan Nielsen, and exploring the essentiality of premium brand content on Amazon by Julian Galindo, we're here to provide a comprehensive recap. Additionally, we analyze the results of Amazon Prime Day 2023 and evaluate the worth of various Amazon vendor marketing programs, guided by the expertise of Acadia's seasoned professionals. Stay tuned for actionable insights that can elevate your retail strategies to new heights.

Why you can’t just scale up your ad spend

- Originally posted on February 8, 2023

Ross Walker, Sr. Paid Media Manager at Acadia uncovers the nuances of scaling ad spend without sacrificing ROI. Learn strategic insights on managing Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS), exploring new keywords, and investing in creative for long-term success. Discover how Acadia can guide your brand to navigate increased ad budgets effectively. Review Syndication – What Are the Options?

- Originally posted on April 13, 2023

Logan Nielsen, Client Project Manager at Acadia, explores the best tools for cultivating reviews on Compare options like Walmart's in-house services, the Review Accelerator Program, Bazaarvoice, and Yotpo. Discover insights on costs, types, and effectiveness to make informed decisions for your brand's review enhancement strategy.

3 Reasons Why Premium Brand and Product Content Is Essential on Amazon

- Originally posted on June 1, 2023

Julian Galindo, Retail Account Manager at Acadia explores the impact of A+ content, video ads, and brand stores on conversion rates and sales. Learn why standing out from competitors is crucial and how customer expectations for enhanced content have evolved. Discover actionable insights and check out our Amazon brand content swipe file for inspiration.

Amazon Prime Day 2023 – The Results:

- Originally posted on July 14, 2023

Dive into the Amazon Prime Day 2023 results with Acadia's comprehensive recap. Discover key insights into client performance, promotional strategies, and the impact of participation. Uncover the success of brands leveraging coupons, Prime-exclusive discounts, and advertising highlights. Whether you're a seasoned participant or considering future participation, learn valuable lessons to optimize your brand's performance on Prime Day.

Which Amazon Vendor Marketing Programs Are Worth It?

- Originally posted on June 15, 2023

Armin Alispahic, team leader for Acadia’s retail marketplace services, breaks down the pros and cons of various Amazon vendor programs. From the Amazon Fashion Guide to Born to Run and Marketing Packages, discover which initiatives are worth your investment and which might not live up to the hype. Get insights from Acadia's Amazon experts and make informed decisions for your brand's success.

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